The importance of photos

Yesterday was spent with my Mum, Sister and Uncle after the passing of my Pop the day before.  My sister and I spent hours trawling through old photos (we need some for the service) that Mum had and some that I found in Pop’s room that he had stashed.  I love photographs, they are so much more than just a picture.  The stories behind them, the youthful faces, hopes and dreams, the small black and whites, all reminded me yesterday how much photographs can mean, do mean.

It’s taken me a while to get my digital photo system down pat, but I think I’m almost there.  I thought today I’d share with you how I catalogue my photos and what I actually do with them all, because lets face it, with digital cameras now, you can’t afford to go and print each photo you take, but they are still so precious!

First of all, on my desktop I have a folder for the year, so for this year, it’s obviously labelled 2012.  Within that folder I have sub-folders listed as all the months of the year AND one for my iPhone photos.  At the end of each month, I upload the photos from my camera, edit them and then save them to the correct months folder.  From here, I also backup the folder onto my removable hardrive.  Sometimes I will even then backup onto a CD too.  I’ve lost photos in the past, so I am particular now about making sure I backup.

At the end of every year (and this is my favourite bit), I make a new folder usually called ‘Best of 2012’ and spend time selecting at least eight photos from each month that show what we did, where we went, who we spent time with and copy them into this folder.  Once I’m done, I make a photo book for that particular year.  Last year I also made a seperate book with the photos I took with my iPhone.

Initially, the first book I made was ALL about Phoebe.  The last year or so, I’ve been steering the books into a different direction, more about us as a family and also our friends.  I love that I have these yearly records that we can pull out and look back on.

I find my system works well for me, it’s easy for me to find photos when I need them and also when I look back a few years without a date stamp, the folders quickly jog my memory as to when the photos were taken.

Do you have a system or do you just upload your photos and leave them?  Is there anything that I’ve shared that you think you might find useful in the future?

Bel x


6 thoughts on “The importance of photos

  1. I love the photo book idea. I save my photos in the same (OCD) system but usually only print for the kids, scrapbooking or photo frames. I’ve gotten into scrapbooking much more- the kids have a few albums on the go. A daycare (someday school) album each, one just of things of the year for them, a birthday one and a family holiday album. But I do like the idea of the photo book coz scrapbooking takes ages and Is expensive. Good tip, thanks Bel!!

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  3. I have the same storing system and always have big dreams to get them printed into a photo book but I just havent got there yet! Your books look just lovely and I think I have to get on top of this! Where do you get your books printed at?

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