An ode to people who are ‘just’ work friends

I have some friends, they are my work friends.  A group of girls, around the same age, who all have the same occupation and work at the same school.  Most of them are now married and are Mum’s, some are not.

But they are just my work friends, they are the type of friends who, send flowers when your Pop has died, with a well thought out card.

Message you from the other side of the world while they are holidaying, knowing that it was your Pop’s funeral.

Message you late at night or early in the morning, knowing that sometimes this can be the darkest park of your day.

Lately, call eachother for a quick chat, which turns into an hour, even though you saw eachother just the other day.

Tweet late at night during those sleeples nights or while up feeding bubs.

Organise weekly catch ups because we know that some of us might not be coping as well as others that particular week.

Work out a roster system to visit a friend, because, we know without her asking that she needs the company and the help.

Hold eachothers hands physically and metaphoically during the tough times, at funerals, when family members are sick or when a tough decision has to be made.

Attend your Hens night and your wedding and turn it into such a jolly affair.

Visit you in hospital or when you arrive home with your new bundle of joy.

Have an opinion and offer advice but never judge!

Head out for birthday dinners or deserts, and pen beuatiful birthday cards.

Offer to watch your child when you are in a bind, even if they have more than a handleful of their own.

Will send birthday cards to your daughter snail mail style because they know she cries every time she goes to the mailbox and there is nothing for her.

Remember insignificant and significant appointments and always check to see how you went.

You see, I have some work friends, but they are much more than that.  They are great friends whom I just happen to work with.  Our bond has strengthened more so over the last few years into something wonderful and supportive.  So they are not ‘just’ my work friends, they are true friends.  Work friends is how I describe them but as you can see, they are so much more than that.

What would you add to the list that your wonderful work friends do?

Bel x


9 thoughts on “An ode to people who are ‘just’ work friends

  1. Awww so lovely bell and so true, I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t started teaching at wedgie… I have lifelong friends who are everything you said xxx

    • Lifelong long friends have been made, very well put! I’m sure there will be times where we drift apart but I know we will always find our way back. Lives are so busy these days that a little drifting is inevitable!

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