School Holiday Activity – The Drive-ins!

I’m lucky enough that being a teacher, I get to spend the school holidays with my girl!  I try to maximise the quality time we spend together and usually try to plan a couple of outtings, a few catch ups with friends, a night away and some days at home.  Our first school holiday outing these holidays, I decided was to be the drive-ins.

I’d never been before, ever.  I was pretty excited!  We headed there for a 7pm showing of Madagascar 3 but didn’t tell Phoebe where we were going.  During the day I’d already organised the boot of our station wagon with pillows, doonas and our slippers.  I was suprised how busy it was for a Monday night, even being the school holidays.  Once we explained where we were, she was so excited!

We reversed the car up towards the screen, Phoebe and I asumed our positions while Hubby went and got us dinner from the Diner (BUT you can also SMS your orders through and they bring it to your car, amazing huh?).  Now, realistically, this is not a pricey affair for a family, especially if you go on a Monday night.  We had to pay for Hubby and I, which I think ammounted to $17 (I think we could even pay an extra $5 and stay for the movie after ours).  A car load of people is capped at $20.  If we were on a tight budget, we would have had dinner before we came, and taken our own drinks and snacks.  But because we’d never been before, we wanted to experience it all.  We all had dinner plus the normal movie food, popcorn, choc tops and coke, for around $45.  Considering we all had dinner, I didn’t think it was too bad.

Next time, although it wasn’t too cold, we’ll take beanbags instead and sit outisde with our doonas, the bottom of a boot isn’t that comfy, no matter how you try to pad it up (you can tell there are some seasoned drive-inners out there, some of the setups were amazingly well thought out).  I will put Phoebe in her pj’s, I thought I was silly if I did, but when I got there I realised I was the silly one for not doing it.  All the kids were walking around in their pj’s, dressing gowns and slippers (glad we at least took the slippers, we kinda fit in).  And we’ll probably take our own drinks and snacks and have tea before we go.

It was a great family night out (Magagascar was a good movie even for us adults).  So what do you have planned for these school holidays?  I love going to new places with the family, so throw me your favourite!

Bel x


6 thoughts on “School Holiday Activity – The Drive-ins!

  1. Ha, we went on Sunday night and ClaireyHewitt went on Saturday night to see same movie!!!

    I love the drive in!!! We started going when my eldest was a baby as we could go and see a movie without needing a baby sitter or worrying about bottles. We would take a picnic dinner, the breastfeeding pillow and the baby would sleep right through. A few years on and now we need to see kids movies but it’s still a fun night out. This week it was my two year old’s birthday so we picked up proper Italian pizza in Norrhcote on the way in and ate it in the car while we watched the movie. I’m a geek mum that brings pop corn from home and the kids are free entry to the movie so it wasn’t an expensive night out but lots of fun. My 4 yr old, 2 yr old and husband were all asleep within 5 minutes of leaving!!! 😉

    • Seriously can’t believe I’d never thought of going before! Perfect for families, you don’t have to stress about babies crying, mini tantrums, it seriously is a little piece of heaven for families. We’ll definitely be going back, expecially when baby 2 arrives!

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