I heart colours!

When I was pregnant with Phoebe and putting together her nursery, I was very conservative.  We didn’t paint and I keep everything very neutral, and by neutral, I mean bones, soft browns and whites.  There was little or in fact no colour in that room now that I look back.

We only ever planned to stay in this house of ours for a few years, so we have always been apprehensive painting and hanging things from the walls (I married a plasterer, what can I say).  But this time around, I’m feeling much braver!

My first baby purchase arrived the other day and has set the tone for everything to come.  I love Pinterest, but nothing is better than good ol’ madeit and etsy for a purchase!


ImageI’m thinking now of yellow and grey throw cushions as well to brighten the nursery even more.  I have my eye on a beautiful yellow throw with some words written on it.  Thecot quilt that I bought is from Alphabet Monkey on madeit, and I can’t wait til I can’t start moving all the nursery furniture in and start pulling all my ideas together!Image

My sister says that I’m definitely leaning towards boy colours, and maybe I am.  But the fact of the matter is, the quilt is by far my favourite colour at the moment.

So what do you think?  What colours would you decorate a new nursery in?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “I heart colours!

  1. This is beautiful! I must get onto madeit and etsy and source out some nursery items myself! I dont actually have any visions for the nursery yet, colours or theme! I love the sounds of yellow and grey together, that will look gorgeous!

    You obviously don’t find out what sex you are having?
    I found out with Evie but this time I think I want to keep it a secret, Im just not sure that I can! Undecided

    • This was the first thing I saw, I loved it and will build from there.

      Not going to find out what we are having, I have my days where I’d like to though! We didn’t find out for Phoebe, and we loved the suprise of it all.

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