Self Portrait – 16 weeks

My remote arrived just in time for me to have a play and know what I was doing by the time I needed to do this weeks self-portrait.  Need to work on getting the remote completely out of the shot.  I’m also still not sure about my new editing style, honestly, what do you think?

The weather is beautiful at the moment, I have an extra spring in my step when I get out of bed this week.  If there is cleaning to be done (which of course is all the time) I am happy to do it.  The sunshine and my lack of tiredness this week has definitely put a more positive spin on things.  I’m still not comfortable with my body yet, I feel I’m still at the square belly, is she pregnant or not stage.

I’ve been drinking chocolate milkshakes this week like they have been going out of fashion.  But I’ve also been getting out of the house and going for short walks to the park, so your sister can play in this beautiful sunshine.  My skin seems to be clearing up, but eczema has flared up again.  I wake every night around 11:30 and 4am, just like I did with your sister (and this turned out to be her feed times).  We have started talking names, I keep changing my mind and your Dad thinks some of my names are hilarious!  This week, I’m enjoying school holidays, relaxing and playing with your sister.  We have also started work on the new playroom, which will mean once that’s done, I can make a start on your room.

And here’s Phoebe, having her own little bit of fun taking photos of herself with the remote!


12 thoughts on “Self Portrait – 16 weeks

  1. Beautiful photos of your bump and miss Phoebe. Sounds like lots of exciting things happening at your place. Love thinking of themes and colours for kiddy rooms.

  2. Aww, these are BEAUTIFUL photos! I love belly pics. And I also LOVED chocolate milkshakes when I was pregnant with my Little Man!!
    Btw, did I miss the post about the remote control for your camera? Is it universal? I really NEED one! Xx

  3. Love them Bel. How do you get that bright, but also tonal look to them? Is that the camera settings or editing? Still jealous of your camera!!!

    BTW, not sure how WordPress works, but I just realised that anyone who recieves email updates of my blog doesn’t actually count as a page view (somehow I thought it did). That’s how I ususally read yours, so add one view onto all your posts 🙂

    • Hey honey, the photos are a combination of a good lens (35mm 1.8) which never leaves my camera, I always overexpose and then some editing. This is my vintage editing, not 100% sure on it yet

  4. Just clicked by to see your bump pics and read the post, gotta say I’m a bit teary. I wrote journals while I was pregnant and they’re filled with every thought and idea. It reminds me of how much you already LOVE that baby growing in your tum-tum! Very sweet x

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