Pram Wars

When I had Phoebe, I remember walking through the aisle in the baby shops and Mum saying “they didn’t have that in my day, what a great idea!”. When I started looking for prams a few weeks back, to shockingly find that a lot has changed even since I had Phoebe only four years ago.

Back then, all the rage was three-wheeler prams, these days, there is still a good range but the good old four wheelers are making a comeback. Even the amount of choices out there at the moment made my mind boggle, I honestly didn’t know where the hell to start!!

But this time around, I guess I am better armed and more equipped to know what I want and what really matters. It was with this in mind that I strolled into the baby shop and said to the lady who asked if I need help “Yep, I want a good walking pram, with reversible seat, a decent sized and accessible basket, and without one of those strap recliner contraptions”.

And so it was narrowed down to three prams and from there, I made my choice. The Valco Rebel Q Air seemed to fit all my requirements. So that baby is now on layby. And here she is…

No doubt along the way I’ll find a thing or two that annoys me about it, but at the moment, for me, it was the best fit.

Do you have a Rebel Q?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Pram Wars

  1. This looks great Bel. No I was not able to have something compact like the Rebel Q. My pram was a Valco, but two babies wide and one toddler high. It was difficult to get into a lot of places so I was a bit restricted where I could go. However I did love the fact I could strap all three boys on and get out and about. It was a great pram.

    • I guess I’m lucky I only have to worry about one child in a pram, as opposed to most people who have their kids close together. I’m glad you said you had a Valco, I thought it was a cheap kind of brand but the more I hear and read, they seem very popular and reliable.

  2. Pram shopping is SO hard! When I went while pregnant with Evelyn I made two mistakes. 1. Listened too much to what ANTHONY would like and 2. just bought the one that I liked the look of. I have hated it ever since about walk 3.

    This time I am buying the strider. It is the pram I wanted to buy when pregnant with Evelyn and it is the pram that anthony talked me out of buying and it is the pram that I have regretted not buying everytime I see a girlfriend pushing their babies around in one.

    I cannot WAIT

    • I think it’s a hard job but a lot easier second time around. First time you get so much conflicting advice, second time, you kinda know what you are doing and what you want. This pram is very similar to the strider, just not as big x

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