She sleeps

My beautiful four year old girl, still has an afternoon nap.  Every day at around two o’clock, she jumps into her bed or even mine, and dozes off for at least an hour an a half.  I know I’m lucky, it nearly ended a while back but I persisted (if she didn’t want to sleep, it was relax and quiet time in bed instead).  But eventually she knew what I knew, that she still needed that nap to survive without being a wild animal until her bed time.

I know one day soon it will end.  I usually spend the time tidying up, doing washing and other household chores, but the realisation that soon her naps will eventually stop, plus I’ll have a baby on my hands, has meant I’ve started to savour these times and make them time for me!!

It may sound selfish, but stuff it, the washing can wait until she wakes, and then I’ll do it while she plays out in the fresh air and we chat!  Instead now, I’ll read, I’ll watch trashy TV, or spend time on the computer catching up on Blogs and actually commenting because I have the time.  I’ll visit Pinterest and daydream, I’ll tweet away with some people who I don’t know in real life but that I have a connection to.  Sometimes I will stuff my face, and other times I go out on the treadmill and go for a walk (while watching trashy TV).

But for now, while she sleeps, it’s all about me, it’s selfish and I love it!  What do you do when you have them tucked up?

Bel x


11 thoughts on “She sleeps

  1. Gorgeous photo of your sleeping beauty. I usually do all the household things while my little miss is asleep but probably once a week I say stuff this and sit and watch some of my favourite shows. It’s nice to just sit and relax. Good on you I say.

  2. Unfortunately my Miss Nearly 4 has not had a daytime nap for over 6 months now. Bed time involves me relaxing for half an hour on the computer, watching TV or reading a book, then going to bed myself lol

    • I realise how very lucky I am, and that I can do my bits and pieces to wind down during the day instead of at night (I’m no night owl!). Glad you find a little time for yourself though x

  3. Beautiful photos!

    My daughter sleeps for 3 hours on a good day. So I have an hour to myself, an hour to clean and then an hour to do whatever is needed to be done on that day. I am SO not looking forward to the day that this stops!

  4. My 2 1/2 yr old hasn’t napped for months but he will be in bed by 6 .. Which is great to have time to myself. I got sick of the battle to get him to nap. Wonder what time all those others go to bed?? Maybe with daylight savings and summer it may change again. And glad my email brightened your day. Nicx

    • I think if they can survive without a nap and go to bed at a decent hour, then go with it. Phoebe goes to bed at 8:30, I would love it to be earlier, but hubby gets home around 6pm and he is the cook in this house, so dinner is later than most kids. Hopefully things will change once I have bub 2.

  5. I think that’s great you are taking this time to do things you like and relax. Too often mothers run around trying to finish all the household work when they have some spare time and they get to the end of the day absolutely exhausted.

  6. Oh my goodness, what beautiful photos! I absolutely love it when I can get both mine {3y.o. & 3.5m.o} to nap at the same time! Of course, I SHOULD be using that time for housework and whatnot, but I never do…. Xx

    • I decided that housework can wait at least once a week while she sleeps and that is when I have some very valuable ‘me’ time! Lets face it, we probably don’t do it enough anyway x

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