17 weeks, Self-Portrait Maternity

Wow, where has 17 weeks gone, I mean really?!  The weather has been beautiful this week in Victoria, I’m loving it, and it continues to boost my mood and energy levels.  Hope you are all feeling the same?  And lets not forget daylight savings is right around the corner (and back to work for me!).

This week I went back to the Osteo and she told me my pelvis may be unstable.  I need to exercises to strenghten my body, and if this doesn’t help, I will have to wear a support belt.  This means my back is quite sore, as are other parts of my body that you don’t really wanna know about.  I walk around like an old lady and find it hard to get out of chairs.  Because the weather is better, I’ve been going for lots of walks while your sister rides her bike, she’s getting fast now!

I’m still loving chocolate milkshakes but also orange crush cordial.  I’m also big into chips, lightly salted to be exact.  I usually love everything chicken, but am a little off it, have been the whole pregnancy, but I will eat it.  I have my booking in appointment today for the hospital, that’s when you know things are getting real.  Daylight savings starts this weekend, so your Dad and I are going to make a big start on everything that needs to be done around the house in order to prepare for your arrival…..the year is going very fast you know!

Bel x


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