Have I outgrown you?

When I joined Facebook all those years ago, I joined because a couple of friends were overseas and it was an easy, instant way to keep in touch with them.  Over the years, my love of Facebook grew, probably like yours did.  I like many others, have a big friend list (not bragging, just stating facts), that consist of family, close friends, work colleagues past and present, old school friends and some new friends too.  It gave me a way to re-connect with some old friends, and keep up to date with the goings on of others.  It was a saviour at times too, being at home with a newborn.

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But the last year or so, I’m wondering if I’ve outgrown Facebook?  Things have been irking me, from a while ago and recently too.  I’m not sure if it’s enough to make me cancel my account altogether, I’m just not sure what to do.  Some of the things that have been on my mind:

  • Photo stealing.  This is a big one for me.  A year ago I backed up my data to my hard drive and deleted most of my photos.  Facey Friends were reposting them on their own wall but with no acknowledgment of where it had come from.  If my Facey friends could do this, who else could?  Now I’m extra wary of what photos I post.
  • People being snarky, whether they mean it or not.  We are all time poor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t re-read what you have written before you hit ‘post’ especially if it’s on someone else’s photo or on their status.
  • Manners and being polite, thinking of other people’s feelings, hello….does this not exist in cyberspace or are that rude in real life too?
  • The open-air fighting, seriously, do it face to face.
  • The various type of Facey status updaters (which I am all sure we have been guilty of every now and again).  The whiners, the attention seekers, the constant link posters, the mummy status’ (which I definitely have been guilty of!).
  • And does anyone ever catch up anymore, or even make a phone call these days (considering most of us have smart-phones and are using them to check Facey).

The things I have noticed about my own recent online behavior:

  • I still check Facey all the time, I still love it, but I don’t post many status’ anymore.
  • It seems to be getting quieter though.  Not sure if it’s just me, but have you noticed it to?
  • I love taking photos, always have, always will and I still love to post some.  I still remain very wary, probably more so now of what I post, especially because people can now save to their.
  • I mainly use it for my Blog and to check up on other Blogs too.
  • I actually prefer Twitter, although, none of my friends are really on there.  But I am starting to make a few Blogging friends.

So, I’m still not sure what I am doing or going to do or how I feel about Facebook anymore. I know there are goods and bads, but I don’t know how to weigh these up exactly.  What are your insights and how have you been feeling about it all lately?

Bel x


17 thoughts on “Have I outgrown you?

  1. I totally agree with you. I have been feeling this way for a while now. The only reason I still have my account is because of blogging.

    I don’t do statues up dates, deleted all my photos ( I use Instagram now with struck rules on who I let follow). My theory is if my friends want to know what I am up to they can call me 🙂

    Love reading your posts

    • Thanks for visiting!! I LOVE instagram and am glad that from the start I set it to private and have been picky of who I allow to see my images (although a lot of people I don’t know IRL are allowed access because I read their blogs). I’m not sure where to from here, there are aspects I still love….not sure I can let go yet.

  2. I hate facebook. Well… I hate that I love it. I ended up shutting my facebook down about 8 months ago because I was tired of the old “oh yes, I saw that on facebook” thing. I was tired of the fact that everyone knew everything about me through facebook so they never bothered to contact me. It was amazing to me that I could be so “connected” but actually not have a single connection to anyone at all! I have so much to say about facebook! I now only have a blog facebook page!

    • The whole “I heard that/saw that on Facebook” annoys my husband to no end and it’s starting to annoy me too! Probably why I don’t update my status much now. I’m tempted to really cull my friend list, maybe that could be a start. There are still aspects I really enjoy, I don’t think I’m willing to cut all ties just yet!

  3. I get it! I hear you. I am relatively new to FB (only had my personal account for two years or so and a blog FB page since last year). I am still offending people – mostly bloggers – by declining friend requests, I have about 60 friends and only people who are ‘safe’ and who can hold my heart. Considerate types who are as serious as I am about not getting into FB snarks. So, thankfully, my feed is mostly blissfully free of the types of interactions you mention.

    I’m prolific on FB some weeks. I am a poster child (one of millions!) of the image in your post! As for the photo stealing, yikes… what poor form!

    • That’s a good idea Kirrily, in a way I wish I could go back and start all over. I love Instagram for the fact that I set it to private from the get go and have been very thoughtful about who I allow access. You comment has given me something to ponder…..

  4. What I hate lately is the “Fred likes this multinational company…do you?” kind of links that pop up. And if YOU comment on someone’s photo who I dont know, it shows up on my feed. Photo privacy like you said, but also, I dont want to know about your friends (though I’m sure they are nice!!). If I wanted to know about them, they’d be my friends too! Having said that, it’s an addiction I havent kicked….yet!

    • Yes yes yes Linda, those things seem to be popping up more lately too! But as you said, it’s a little addiction of mine (there hubby, I said it), that I’m not sure I can kick right now.


    I deleted my (big friends list) account, created a relatively anonymous name, & invited family & close close CLOSE friends only 🙂

    Now I’m not subjected to the bitching, snarky, ‘I’ve had a headache for 60 days & think y’all want to hear about it’, sexist, racist comments that you have to cop when you allow 400+ friends to be on your friends list.

    It’s quiet, it’s deep, it’s meaningful, & I’m happy 🙂

    Social media is a part of 2012, you just have to find a nice balance & make it work for you 🙂

    Fantastic post!


    Cherie (raising master Max)

    • Love social media just like you but as it progresses, I guess we need to find ways to manage it and make it work!
      I have lots to think about, may have to conduct my own little ‘social’ experiment!

  6. I use Facebook as a photo sharing and private messaging site. I like amusing status updates & can’t stand when ppl check into the gym!

    Although I’m only friends with people i know, im not comfortable sharing that I’m home alone.

    Cherie is so right. The sexist, racist and abused animal/children photos I can defiantly do without!

    I do check Facebook several times throught the day so I guess you can say I’m an addict too. Husbie can’t stand it.
    I like being in the “Facebook loop” it would feel weird without it

  7. I’m hearing you Bel. I have this dilemma quite often lately as well. I was at a friends BBQ & an older gentleman came up to me and said how beautiful Lilly was and that he had seen her photos on fb! WTF!!! I have deleted my acc a few times but find it hard to stay in contact with people I still would like to share things with. Such as, for eg, you Wedge girls. I have my close friendship group whom I see often and then are friends who I care about but don’t see a lot. How would we stay in touch?
    I agree with the ‘mummy status’. Is this my fb or Lilly’s? I’m guilty in that area.
    Also, the amount of time I spend on fb is annoying me but it is so addictive. Do I like that I am addicted to this? Not really lol. I deactivated recently because I began to think it was taking time away from being a mum. Skye is not a fan of fb so hates it when I’m on and he’s home. I get that. I guess I’m trying to say it is a massive distraction from the important things in life. I’m not glued to the computer don’t get me wrong but still. Hmmmm it’s tricky. I’m doing the same not writing up as many status updates etc.

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