Living out my dream

If I wasn’t a teacher, I either wanted to be a Park Ranger or an Interior Designer.  Park Ranger because I love being out in the bush, and Interior Designer because I always love changing things around in the house and my room.  I love the thrill of changing furniture around and adding need textiles to create a new space ……. not saying I’m good at it though.

In the next few months, I will be turning Interior Designer when the new playroom/study shell is complete.  I have taken this opportunity to design the room with all the furnishings I want/need.  Our house is teeny, with only 3 bedrooms and one open plan living area, hence why we are making this extra space (to fit in Bubba V and still have a study/playroom space).  The rest of our house is mainly dark wood, but in this new room, I’m going for white and brighter colors.  The room will be airy and have loads of natural light but I also have to squeeze a lot into this space.  This room will house ALL the toys, ALL of my study which includes books, looks of books.

So Ikea and Pinterest are my current friends.  I’ve researched and collected all the things I want in the room over the last few months, I haven’t rushed into it.  So what do you think?  Is it too white?  I’m trying to tie the room in with the rest of the house by using the cane storage boxes, plus we will have a chocolate brown sofa-bed in there too.

1.  Expedit Shelving Unit from Ikea – I’m using this one inbetween the two bigger ones.  It will have the TV on it and all DVD’s etc inside.

2.  Expedit Insert with Drawers, Ikea – for all those DVD’s, portable DVD players, chargers and cords.

3.  Melltorp Dining Table, Ikea  – this will be my new desk.  I already have a white filing cabinent which should fit perfectly underneath.

4.  Ringum Rug from Ikea – this will be to protect the floorboards from the desk chair and add some colour.

5.  Reidar Chair, Ikea – not 100% sure on this yet for desk chair.

6.  Expedit Shelving Unit, Ikea – having two of these babies on the sides of the smaller one.  This will house ALL toys in the house.

7.  Branas Basket, Ikea – to hide away all the toys, dress ups and knick-knacks.

I also need to get some little colour co-ordinated bits and pieces for my new desk space.  I already have some polaroids printed that I will display above the desk and am in the process of wording my own playroom posters with the help of my sister.  So c’mon, tell me what you think?

Bel x


One thought on “Living out my dream

  1. Love the splashes if colour. You will have plenty of other colours too with all the toys. My only thing about white shelving ; it marks very easily. Lots of scratches from moving things in and out. Looks great at the start but I threw it out after a year- needed a repaint and was easier to buy new set- then I changed to dark wood. But if you’re happy to dust and wipe it , it does look fresh and fabulous.

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