Self Portrait Maternity – 20 weeks

Half way!!!  Sorry the post is a little late, Phoebe and I decided to have a nice pjama day yesterday and then we headed off in the afternoon to see Bubba V on the big screen.  My blog also turned one yesterday and I missed it, completely missed it!!  But I suppose that it has been fitting that I have been pondering my little place the last few days, it looks like a name change is on the cards and a bit of a make-over.  I love what I have done here, and it will all stay, I just feel like I’ve outgrown the name and need something that incompasses all that I write and may write in the future.

Photos done quickly and courtesy of Camer+ app.  I’ve been feeling good this week, not too tired at all and my pelvis has been behaving mostly.  Chuck in a couple of cleaning frenzies, one down at our caravan and one at home.  Not only did it involve cleaning top to toe but also moving large pieces of furniture by myself, tsk tsk.  Bubba V is moving around alot move, and last night, despite the fact that no one can feel bub move yet, I could SEE movement in my belly!!  I love this part of pregnancy, the kicking and the moving, it gives me a sense of calm and knowing things are ok.

This pregnancy however, I feel as though I am more emotional.  Little things seem to be getting to me and almost bringing me to tears.  I wasn’t like this with Phoebe, although Hubby may beg to disagree.

Bubba V was very uncooperative for the 20 week scan.  Things are looking great but I need to go back in a week or two for some final measurements.  If we had’ve wanted to find out the sex, it wouldv’e been impossible anyway.  If baby was in a bedroom, it would have been hiding in the tiny wardrobe, on it’s belly and all curled up.  I’m looking froward to another scan.

Bel x


6 thoughts on “Self Portrait Maternity – 20 weeks

  1. I love the little peek we can see of Miss Phoebe in this self portrait, and a little more of you too 🙂 Can’t wait to see what another year of life and blogging brings for you xx

  2. Happy first blog-aversary!
    You look great! I love the kicking around stage too
    And no more moving furniture!
    I was always on a “scan high” for a few days after seeing bubs
    What did phoebe think of the scan?

    • Thanks Brydie and thanks for popping by often!!
      Phoebe loved the scan but got a little bored after the first couple of minutes. She is very excited to be a big sister, that’s for sure!

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