Hand Holding

In two days time, I wont be here in my home like a normal Wednesday, I wont be dropping Phoebe at kinder like I normally do, there wont be the morning rush and I wont be looking after Fynn either.  Instead, Hubby has the day off and early in the morning we will drive to the hospital with our little girl, ready to hold her hand while she gets her tonsils and adenoids out.

People go through a lot worse with their kids, and I mean alot worse.  I know what happens out there, I don’t live in a bubble and I’m not oblivious to it.  I’m not sure how those Mum’s and Dad’s do it, regularly, they are strong, or know the tricks to ‘act’ strong for their little ones and maybe fall apart in privacy.  But the fact remains, no one wants to see their baby in pain, and in two days time, we’ll be in that place.

Phoebe has decided that she wants me to be the one to go into the theatre with her and for me to be the one to stay the night.  I’m happy to do both.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of good friends who have prepared me for what it might be like (I don’t normally name names but thanks Nicole, Kim, Yvette and Rachael).  Hubby then joked “why am I having the day off then?”, he wants to take her in, I’d be happy for that too, believe me, they tell me that’s the hardest part.  But instead I told him, he’ll need to hold my hand, and I’ll need to hold his, then together we will appear strong enough and be able to hold hers through it all.

We arrive at 7am, and we don’t know how long the wait will be.  I’ve been told it goes by the youngest, and knowing he doesn’t operate on kids until they are four, I’m hoping we wont have to wait to long.  She has to stay the night, I will stay by her side. She has picked out some new pjamas for her stay and I have bought her a special present for when all is done (something to sleep with, that I know she’ll love). I’m greatful my growing baby belly isn’t too big as it would make the stay even more uncomfortable.  And then I have the whole next week off.

I don’t doubt that her recovery will be hard at times and I know from past experience that all she’ll want is her Mum, I’m prepared for that.  I’ll lay in bed with her if I have to, the hell to housework.  I’ve told hubby to leave his ipad though so I don’t go completely batty from watching the Little Mermaid and other wonderful kids movies over and over again!!

So, if it is quiet here the next week or so, and my maternity post doesn’t appear like it has every Friday in the past, you know why.

Bel x


16 thoughts on “Hand Holding

  1. bel…that is beautifully written. I hope everything goes smoothly and miss phoebe makes a speedy recovery and mum and dad get their fun loving p back quickly xxx

  2. Aww, sending much love to all of you, and hoping that Little Miss Phoebe has a rapid recovery! I’m not too far away if you need some help or support! Xx

  3. Good luck. I can honestly say that having Ashton’s tonsils removed was the best thing we ever did. He was one of those kids that seemed to get a very bad bout of tonsilitis every 4-6weeks. Recovering from the operation was quicker than recovering from a bout of tonsilitis. He was up and running within 3 hours and begging to go home. As long as you keep up with the pain medication all should be good. I think it’s harder for the mummies – just prepare yourself. Watching your child go under anestetic is awful 😦 Breaks your heart. But just think how good it will be having them gone 🙂

    • Thanks Mandy! I know it’s for the best, she was so sick last year and seemed to be on antibiotics constantly! Thankfully a few friends have had their kids go under and have prepared me well. The nurse that rang this morning to confirm everything was also great and preparing me for what can, will and may happen.

      Thanks for your support x

  4. Ok I’m in tears again! You’re such a great mum 🙂
    I would be feeling exactly the same!
    Hold that little hand tight xx
    Here’s to no more sore throats

  5. On the day we took Rohan in there were quite a few kids who were definitely younger than 4. Not sure whether they were having the same op, but Perry was the sugeon. I hope you won’t have to wait too long Bel and all goes well. Rohan is thriving now. Best thing ever!

    Good luck Phoebe I’m sure everything will go well, and best wishes to your Mummy and Daddy too X.

  6. Naww our baby girl Phoebe who just isnt a baby anymore 😦 lots of cuddles will be coming her way the next couple of weeks thats for sure. Absolutely love these pics of her by the way-she looks so grown up and more and more like you everyday

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