Blog Reading: 2 Simple Steps

*As I’m in hospital today with my girl, here is a post I prepared earlier.

A year or so ago, most of my friends didn’t know what a blog was, let alone read any.  Times are a changin’ though.  My friends are visiting here, they are sometimes commenting, which I love!  Some have set up their own little place in where they write for them, for their kids or for others, awesome!  Many now have their own special blogs they have found along the way and love to read (but not effeciently and regularly maybe), so cool!.  I love it, I love it all!

So, for all my friends new to blog reading, here are the two ways that I keep in touch with my favourites!  First of all, I have a Google account (this is just my Yahoo mail login), which I then use to access Google Reader while I’m at home and have access to my computer.  This is the place where all my favourite blogs are bookmarked.  As a find a new place that I want to visit, I copy the URL and pop over to my Google Reader, click on the subscribe button, paste the URL and voila!!  This then means, whenever a new post is published on that blog, it will appear here.  I visit here each morning while Phoebe is still asleep, it tells me how many new blog posts I have to read, so I just click on “all items” and start reading my way through.  The only thing is, you can’t comment on a blog from here.  If you want to leave a comment, you will need to click on the blog title, which will then open it up in your browser like normal and you can comment away.  If I’m busy and want to comment later, I mark the post as unread and will come back to it when I have time.  It also allows you to star some of your favourite posts for future reference.

I also use my mobile phone a bit to access the blogs I read.  I’ve tried a few ways to do this and now have a new one which I am loving.  Same as Google Reader though, in order to comment, you will need to open the post in your browser to do so.  The App that I am currently using is called FeeddlerRSS which can be used on you phone and also iPads.  I’m loving the simplicity of it, and the ability to open the post in your browser to comment, the option to mark a post as unread and to favourite posts.  I’ve used it the last couple of mornings and it has been really effective and syncs each time you open it up.

So, there you go, two easy ways I keep in touch with all the blogs I read all in one convient place.  I know there are other ways out there, but these are the two I use regularly and find quite simply and easy.

Do you think this will help you keep track of the blogs you love?



No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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