One week on

Today has been a week since Phoebe had her tonsils and adenoids out. It feels like just yesterday though, that I was holding her down on the operating theatre bed, her eyes pleading with me and screaming my name over and over whilst thrashing about. Thanks to my friends who prepared me for that bit, you told me it would by far be the worst thing, and it was, but because I was prepared I was so strong for her. I just kept holding her telling her that Mummy was here and that everything was going to be alright. I didn’t realise poor Hubby was actually watching through the door, helpless, wanting to cry and punch the guy who was holding the mask over her face. When I went to the waiting room, I wanted to cry, I so wanted to cry, but there were other Mum’s and Dad’s waiting to do the same thing, so instead, I continued to be strong and waited.

It took her most of the day to notice her hand, once she didn’t she wanted to know what the hell it was!  It stayed in until night time and the needle didn’t come out til home time.

The day of the op involved lots of sleeping, a few vomits, some visitors, tears and lots of hugs. Since then, my girl has been so brave and strong. She is eating normally with normal food, keeping up her fluids (including the perscribed coke) and is doing so well pain wise only surviving with panadol, and never once has she complained or cried yet. I’ve been waiting for her to hit the brick wall of pain that I have been told about, but it has yet to happen, I still wait for it though.

After a rough start the morning we were due to come home, they finally released her and all she wanted was Subway.  Your wish is my command!

It’s hard to tell a kid of four that they need to rest, so we nap like we normally do and today we are at home having a quiet day. We’ll watch some television, play dolls quietly and do some crafts. She talks but nowhere near as much as she usually does, which if you know her you know shes a talker, it’s weird that the house is so quiet. And when she does talk, her voice is different, chipmunk like, and that’s going to take getting used to.

I’m glad it’s all over, I’m glad she is home with us where she should be and I can take care of her. This week, I know for sure that I was made to be her Mum.

What are you up to this week while I’m at home with my girl?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “One week on

    • You always want your Mum when your sickly don’t you, nothing better! And this week, I have really felt like it has been my calling, I don’t know what it is, but it’s an overwhelming feeling that I am a good mum afterall xx

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