Self Portrait Maternity – 22 weeks

I completely forgot my 22 week picture last week in the haze that was staying at home with Phoebe, not working and enjoying every second of it!!  So here it is, taken by my sister over the weekend while we were all enjoying a beautiful day at the park.

I’m feeling Bubba V move alot more this week and I can see and feel him/her from the outside too, which is so cool, I love it!  The bump is getting a little rounder and I am slowly feeling more confident wearing tighter clothes.

I really enjoyed my week at home with Phoebe just plodding around the house, and it gave me lots of time to think about how to stay connected to her when Bubba V arrives.  Phoebe will be at 4 year Kinder next year, which I know she will love and will thrive on.  She will be there for 2 full days and one half day, this will make good time for Bubba V and I to have some quality one on one time.  I’ve already planned that on Phoebe’s one half day at kinder, that will be our afternoon together, crafting, playing, going for a coffee or even to the movies.  It will be our special time together, just the two of us.  I know she will love it and so will I.

The talk of names is starting to heat up and hopefully over the Christmas break when we are nice and relaxed, we can narrow the list to a top two for each.  The new playroom is coming along beautifully.  I’m so proud of Hubby and the hard work he puts in at work and then at home.  Floor boards will be laid in two weeks time, which means Ikea, here I come!!

I’m back to loving orange crush cordial and ginger bread again, and spending little snippets of time alone.  My emotions and back in check, although I am starting to feel my tolerance levels are becoming lower with people around me (luckily my family isn’t included in this yet).  I’m also loving the warmer weather, however I’m not sure how I will cope during the ‘real’ summer that is approaching (Phoebe was a winter baby).

So there it is, my 22 week catch up.  Stay tuned in a few days time for week 23.  What are you loving at the moment (pregnant or not)?

Bel x


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