Self Portrait Maternity – 23 weeks

A few days late again!  The weeks seem to be sneaking up on me and before I realise it, it’s Sunday night and I’ve completely forgotton my post.  Better late than never right?

This week I haven’t listened to my body, I’ve been sore, really sore.  So over the weekend I relaxed, lots, and am feeling much better for it.  I’ve started to do a few ‘crazy’ pregnanct woman things, one of which involved completely loosing the boom gate key to our caravan park (to the point where I think I actually may have thrown it out), and going to delete a crappy photo off my phone, only to realise that I in fact deleted a couple the I loved and wanted 😦

Sorry about the blur in this one, can you tell I was rushing?

The belly is getting rounder, although some days it reverts back to the ‘sqaure’ belly.  There is no mistaking that I am pregnant, not that I just had a few extra deserts after dinner.  Emotions have been playing up again too, by the end of the week I felt at my wits end, and if it weren’t for some friends, I’d be going quietly insane!  But, all in all, I’m feeling great, we are on the down hill slide to Christmas and the holidays, my most favourite time of the year.  Phoebe and I are doing some wonderful crafts and are getting outdoors more and more.

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Maternity – 23 weeks

  1. Dont you just hate those baby brain moments! I hope you find your key.
    My body has been really sore this last week too, last night Anthony had to carry me to bed because everytime I stepped it felt like I was being ripped apart. Awful!
    You are looking great Bel x

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