In the words of Dora the Explorer “I did, I did it, I did it yeah!”

Today I am exhausted, I am spent.  The left side of my neck aches, there is no relief and there is a dull pulsing in my right temple.  It was there yesterday, I know exactly what it is and how long it will last (three days, always three days) I slept, and recovered slightly and pushed on.  Last night was the big event of me stepping outside my comfort zone.  I’d come this far, putting myself out there and all, there was no way in hell I was going to pull out.  So I jumped in the shower, it’s truly amazing how theapuctic one simple act can be, and readied myself for the night ahead.

I had literally not met any of the women who I was going to be dining with, the most information I had about them was from their blogs, twitter and instagram accounts.  Some of my friends and work collegues were concerned, you know, with the way the world is at the moment and how close to home some things have been.  I gave all the details to my Sister, you know, just in case.  I grabbed my bottle of water (one of my panic attack saftey nets) and typed an address into my iPhone (I was lucky enough to have the lovely Cherie offer for me to go to her house and grab a lift in), and off I went.

I put the trust in my iPhone map as it directed me the long way to the short cut and into some heavy traffic (a panic attack waiting to happen right there, but I coped).  However despite all that, I managed to arrive at Cherie’s right on time and finally met her in real life.  She was so welcoming and lovely, that I honestly felt like we had know eachother for years.  She put me at ease in an instant (thank you!).  First impressions last don’t you think?

We arrived at the resturant spot on time again (for us Mum’s quite an amazing feet right there!).  I was introduced to so many wonderful women who I admire from afar in the wonderful world that is the internet.  There were quite a few of us, and meant I only really spoke to a couple over tea and got to know them better.  But there’s always next time.  Our bellies were stuffed full of amazing food and desert.  There was laughter, instagramming, and general chit chat.  An outsider would have suspected some sort of work gathering, or a Mum’s night out.  I felt so at home the whole time, I honestly did.  I had moments where I was overwhelmed but I just kept reminding myself that I had already achieved so much just sitting at that very table.

I came home in the wee hours of this morning, and believe me, I am now more well aware that I am no longer in my twenties and need at least eight hours sleep.  When I was in bed, thoughts swirled for at least another hour or so, new friendships, inspiration and direction.

I had a wonderful night, and I am so very greatful for the invite and the welcoming arms of these lovely lady bloggers.  In the next few weeks, I’ll share their blogs here with you too, I’m sure you’ll fall in love.  Until then, I’m off for a quick nap while Phoebe is at Kinder and Fynn is tucked up.

Bel x



20 thoughts on “In the words of Dora the Explorer “I did, I did it, I did it yeah!”

  1. It was JUST SO LOVELY to meet you!

    I too felt instantly at ease with you, & actually had NO idea you were even anxious?! … & I really mean that!

    So well done you, you had me fooled! 🙂

    We are doing a photo tour this Sunday (Lecinda & I), so let me know if you’re keen to join 🙂

    However, I too am not feeling youthful, & also love a good 8 hour sesh’, so I will COMPLETELY understand if two catchups in one week is a little too much on a beautiful pregnant woman, ha!

    So much love to you, my new friend x

    • I have gotten pretty good at hiding things if I need to, but once I met you I was seriously fine!!

      Oh I would have LOVED to come on the camera walk, but Phoebe has her dancing concert. Definitely count me in for the next one though. Can’t wait to hang out again with you and Lecinda both xx

  2. Ohh yay for you!! It was so lovely to meet you last night, and like Cherie I had no idea you were so nervous/anxious!! You were very calm and collected, and I was super nervous too, I talk a lot when I’m nervous haha but everyone being so lovely made it easier! And the food! Oh the food, so delicious! I am looking forward to reading through your blog now and thats such a bummer you cant come this weekend, but that just means we will get to do it again!! 😀 xo

    • Thanks for visiting Lecinda! It was so awesome to meet you and the others the other night. But oh my I was so full afterwards with food!
      We will definitely have to do another (if not heaps) of photography walks in the future, I look forward to it x

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  4. I would have been a nervous wreck! Would have been awesome meeting up with other bloggers, so glad for you that you had the opportunity and had a great time 🙂

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