Yearly Christmas Photos

The last two years, I have set up two beautiful photographs of Phoebe to give to people for our favourite holiday season.  This year, I am searching for inspiration again, and maybe you are too?  Here were the last two years images, both I which I love!

This was 2010, when I was still learning to use my camera properly on manual.  Although there are lots of things wrong and I know I could do better now, I still love this photograph.  First of all, a tripod would have been to hold the camera steady.

And this was last years!  I love, love, love it!  Her expression is just so perfect!  Secret tip:  Inside the box was a large torch, the room was completely dark and I had my iPhone torch app projected onto the front of the box.  After a bit of playing around with my settings,  we ended up with this perfect image.

So, what do you think?  Do you take a Christmas photo for your Christmas card each year?  Any suggestions on what I could do this year (I have a couple of cute ones)?

Bel x


9 thoughts on “Yearly Christmas Photos

  1. Last year I took a photo of the boys with Gilby for our Christmas card. Thought I should let everyone know about our cheeky little elf.

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