Homemade salt dough gift tags

I love Christmas, love it!  All the excitement in the lead up to it, the preparation, present buying and wrapping, oh my!  This year we are going back to basics a little.  Some brown wrapping paper, twine, and some coloured snow flakes for decoration, as well as tags.  We made our own tags this time around, I usually buy the bulk packet, and have heaps left for the year after but can never find them!  As I was about to make these babies, I discovered my oven was dead!  Luckily though, you can air dry, just takes much longer and I’m not sure what the effect is if it is done in the oven (and whether they are more brittle etc).

All you need is:

Some cooker cutter shapes, these are Phoebe’s play dough ones and they worked a treat!

1 Cup of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of water (give or take)

I also bought these stamps off ebay a few weeks prior.  Cute little letters to stamp in names.

And then it was seriously a matter of mix in the ingredients, and throw it onto a flour covered bench for a bit of kneading.  Roll out, not too thick (it’ll take way too long to dry) and not to thin (they’ll break quite easily once dry), using shapes and letter stamps.  Also, don’t forget a hole up top to attach some string to later.

Great activity to today with the kidlets.  While I was stamping letters, Phoebe was cutting shapes and making her own Christmas decorations.  Next time I want to try and stamp with ink and maybe even colour the dough with some food die.  When we were finished , we placed on a tray out of harms way and left them to try for quite a few days (I turned them over each morning).

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Homemade salt dough gift tags

  1. thanks heaps for the recipe bel…i made these in 4 year old kinder and mum and dad still hang them on the tree every year…they were on it last night 🙂 phoebe will love hanging the ones for the tree each year Xx

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