A little bit of Mummy guilt

I had a moment the other night, one where the mum voice and the teacher voice were in full conversation.  I knew this would happen eventually, it was in fact inevitable, how could it not be?  Weeks ago, I needed to put in preferences for Phoebe’s Kinder times for next year.  Throughout the whole process I was tossing up between two groups in particular.  It was either to be a full day Monday and Tuesday with a Wednesday morning or a Wednesday afternoon followed by a full day Thursday and Friday.  I tossed the pros and cons for a while before making my decision, there was lots to consider, including Bubba V, and I’m still not 100% sure what the clincher was, because both groups seemed even when I weighed the options.  Whatever it was, I made my choice.

So at the Information night, I collected Phoebe’s pack and discovered she had been put into the group I had first requested.  I was pleased, it meant consistant morning get ups for Kinder, an afternoon that we could share just mother and daughter, and the option for a nice long weekend.  It wasn’t until I looked at the Kinder groups did I realise that all her friends from her current Kinder group were in fact all in the other group I had been tossing up about.

The Mum in me was shattered and my heart broke just a little, seriously, not one little friend or known face for my little girl next year?  And new teacher to boot?  What on earth had I done?  The Teacher in me then kicked in, she is of course going to face these challenges yearly when she is at school, there is no difference from next year to two years time when she will head to Prep.  She needs to experience making new friends, working with new teachers and helpers.

Today, I’m not so sure how I feel.  I know in my heart she will be completely fine.  And in realistic terms six weeks holiday is a long time for kids and they easily forget things.  I think I did the right thing for our family, I just hope in the end I have created an new environment where she will continue to thrive and learn.

Have you had some Mummy guilt lately?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “A little bit of Mummy guilt

  1. same issue here. But the teacher voice took over and decided that she needed to make new friends and she’ll be that bit more used to change.

    Plus I’m not one for foloowing the pack!

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