Twelve from Twelve (with my first ever Linky!)

In two days time it will be the 12th, of the 12th, 2012.  I thought what better way to celebrate, than choose twelve photographs from each month of the year as an overview.  It was pretty easy to do because of my awesome filing system which I talked about here, make sure if you haven’t read it, you do before the new year begins.  Anyways, here is my twelve, picked because they showed an important event or an image that I just loved!

first half of year low quality

January – we see the rest of our holidays out camping in a coastal town.  Every morning I would wake to this sight and every night, the lighthouse would shine down on us.  This is one of our favorite times of year.

February – my ‘baby’ started 3 year old Kinder.  My concerns about how she would go were completely unfounded and she loved every minute of it.  She has thrived throughout the year and has enjoyed every day she has been.

March – we got married!!  After twelve years together, we finally tied the knot.  We also ‘married’ Phoebe and had what was the best day with family and friends that we could have hoped for.  The day was laid back, and very much us.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

April – Easter time and another great camping trip with friends.  This year Phoebe was much more accepting of the Easter Bunny and posed willingly for a photo.

May and June (these two photos are around the wrong way for some reason and wouldn’t go back grrrr) – So the REAL May saw us head off on our familymoon to Hamilton Island, the perfect escape for our little family!  The most memorable was our helicopter flight, such a wonderful experience and one we will never forget.

And the real June saw us visiting friends on our non-Kinder days.  Exploring, collecting and playing outdoors in the rain.

second six months low quality

July – realizing how long my girls hair actually was, beautiful but so very very long.  I just love this image, so simplistic.

August – after realizing how long Phoebe’s hair really was, it was off for her first hair cut at nearly age four!  Such a big milestone for any little person (or their parents).

September – beach time.  Heading to our caravan down the coast in the dead of winter is one of our favorite things to do.  The area is quitter than it normally is.  We listen to the sound of crashing waves at night and gum nuts falling on the annex roof.  We head off on walks along the beach, explore the rock pools and recharge our batteries.

October – visits to Pa’s house are few times a year due to distance and our busy calendars.  But when we are there we love to soak up the surrounds and Phoebe enjoys every minute she can get of Pa’s attention.  I love the quietness here, the bush surrounds and the way the sunlight falls between the trees in the afternoon.

November – my belly is coming along well.  Despite many things going on that didn’t occur when pregnant with Phoebe, I’m still loving every minute of it.  I could spend hours just sitting and feeling/watching bubs move.  Preparation is well in swing now making space for our new little family member.

December – the crazy, busy time of year however the one I love the most.  It all begins on the first with us finding our Christmas tree.  This one involved thunder, lightning and rain, but all in all another memorable experience.

How about you share with me your twelve from twelve now?  I’d love to see what your year was all about in picture form.  You don’t have to do a photo from each month, you could just choose twelve that best show your year, or twelve of your favourites!  I can’t wait to pop over and visit to see what you have been up to!  Make sure you link back to A Mums Reality so your friends can join in too.  Linky is open now and will remain open until the 13th of December. Click the link below to join in ….


Bel x


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