It’s beginning to look a look like Christmas

On the 1st of December every year, we go to the local Christmas tree farm and source our tree.  We search is a thorough one, with the right height, the right shape and density.  We have been getting a real tree for about four years now, and out of those four years, only one of them it hasn’t been raining!  This year was no different, the day had been warm and humid, but as we waited for Hubby to get home from work, the dark storm clouds began to roll in, dark in the fact that it turned day into night.  Within mintues of beginning to wander down the ailses of trees (which of course were further from the main building than usual this year), lightning began illuminating the dark sky followed by loud claps of thunder and rain.

Christmas tree wm

Needless to say, like most children, Phoebe is scared to the bones just at the mention of lightning or thunder, let alone the sound!  Hysterical crying ensued (I’m sure people thought we were using our little saw on her and not the tree), all the while I’m trying to document the event like I do every year.  Needless to say this year, there wasn’t the normal abundance of photos to choose from, nor the time to get all artistic and creative like.

Christmas tree wm-4

Christmas tree wm-2

Despite the rain, thunder and lightning, us all looking like drowned rats and me nearly slipping over numerous times in my trusty thongs (then having to traipse through mud bare footed), we got our tree and let me just say she’s a winner!  I think she is by far the best tree we have picked yet.

Christmas tree wm-3

Christmas tree wm-5

Christmas tree wm-6

We danced around to Christmas carols while Phoebe and I decorated the tree and Hubby did the lights outside.  I sipped on my new drink of the season (which is an alcohol removed wine) out of my wine glass and pretended that it was real.  Then we stood back and admired our handy work and placed all of our beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Christmas tree wm-7

So tell me, real or fake tree?  And do you have any traditions when putting yours up?

Bel x


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