Self Portrait Maternity – 27 weeks

I have a slight problem this week, the playroom is almost done and everything has been moved in, it’s seriously looking awesome (so that is obviously NOT the problem). But when I moved my computer in a couple of days ago, my wireless doesn’t seem to be strong enough and every time I open the Internet and go to click on something it freezes! So I’m left with a dilemma, how to take photos and edit them, as well as how to Blog without moving the computer again!

Blogging from my phone can be difficult and very frustrating but that is what I’m doing right now, whilst sitting in a waiting room during my glucose test. I’m blogging here mainly to keep my mind off how I’ll I’m feeling right now, how I feel hot and bloated and the need to vomit keeps washing over me. I hope it’ll be over soon, I haven’t looked at the clock, I’m too scared.

This week has been my second last week before holidays begin and it has been a busy one! And because of this, almost everything on my to do list for work is still there!! I still have to pack my belongings and tie up loose ends, so that will be my last week.

My body coped well for a few days after seeing the Osteo and wearing the support belt. But early in the week, the pain came back with vengeance. Weekly visits to the Osteo and taking it easy should see me through, let’s hope so anyway, or else I may be looking at crutches and finishing work much earlier than expected.

Bubba V is on the move constantly now, which I love, and Hubby finally felt movement yay! Bubs doesn’t seem to like the belt and often kicks me right where it sits. Phoebe loves watching the movements, it’s like a game!

I’m really craving holidays, being away with family and friends, enjoying nothingness and resting. I hope you are all traveling along well x

Bel x


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