Summer and looking forward

There are things that I am looking forward to, some may never happen, others may.  Summer always seems to bring on thoughts of wanting and needing and of day dreams.  What are you looking forward to?


These are some of mine….

  • Christmas Holidays, my favorite time of the year.  Six uninterrupted weeks off work, bliss!  Heading away camping with my family and our ‘people’ is always a highlight of any year.
  • Christmas Eve – it’s party time for Hubby’s birthday, but this year I have other things in store.  The kids are now that bit older and get the whole Christmas thing, so I have some wicked little plans spinning around in my head.  I just hope I get the time to pull it all off.
  • Things being more about me than others.  It’s time that I start taking care of myself a bit more, listening to my body, my heart and soul and enriching all these things.  Selfish?  Maybe, but you know what, it’s my time.
  • Lazy mornings and breakfast dates.
  • Ice-creams and icey-poles, keep ’em coming this summer!
  • Creating our new playroom and study space.  The trip to Ikea is over (and yes, I was traumatized somewhat from our excursion there), now I’m awaiting the delivery and the putting together of stuff (which hopefully allows our marriage to survive).
  • Setting up the baby’s room, getting the car seat fitted and buying ‘stuff’.  I love all this preparation business.
  • Being a Mum!!  I’m looking forward to the few weeks after I finish work, just Phoebe and I (well, while she isn’t at Kinder anyway).  And then having the year off to be a stay at home mum.  And yes, I do remember that the first year isn’t always roses, but this being my last but and that I know a lot more than I previously did, I’m going to enjoy every minute.
  • Fighting about and finally narrowing the list of baby names down.  This is always a bit of fun (probably more so for Hubby who always seems to end up in stitches of laughter when I suggest certain names).
  • Nesting, who doesn’t love a clean, spick and span house?
  • Visiting the Day Spa, Mum got me a pregnancy massage that I am waiting to use on one of the days Phoebe is at Kinder.
  • Reading a couple of books before Bubba V arrives, coz I know when he/she does there will be little time for that.
  • Once Bubba V is here, getting out and about for some nice, long walks and building my fitness level.
  • Making new friends and continuing to put myself out there.  I’m feeling brave, I’m feeling inspired and excited.
  • And in general, spending time with Phoebe and Hubby, and with people who I really want to spend time with.

So c’mon, tell me, what are you looking forward to?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Summer and looking forward

  1. -I’m looking forward to family time while hubby is on holidays.
    – Enjoying some time outside with my little munchkin.
    – Going away on holidays with great friends and relaxing.

  2. Great list.
    I’m looking fwd to; more freedom now that flynn is out of nappies! Little faces Christmas morning, Husbie being on hollies, Christmas food, sunny days & lots of wonderful new photos!

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