I heart Christmas because

There are so many reasons why I love Christmas.  But one of the biggest is our annual Christmas party with our group of friends.  It started a few years back (you know, when we all started having kids and Christmas became less about us) by booking out the local Bowls Club.  It’s seriously the perfect venue, in the middle of nowhere, all to ourselves, where the kids can roam free and we can feel at ease knowing they can’t destroy anything!!

The afternoon is always filled with bare foot bowls, and this year, we hired a jumping castle to keep the kids occupied too.  Food and desert is plentiful, drinks are had, lots laughter and of course a visit from the jolly man himself!  We spent the whole afternoon together, care-free and enjoying each others company.  But best of all, is the feeling of family amongst us and the shrieks of delight that come from the kids.

A few images of our wonderful day!









_DSC0165Apart from Christmas Day itself, do you have a favorite moment leading up to the big day?

Bel x


No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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