2013 and the word that will guide me

This time last year I discovered a blog written by Susannah Conway I’ve always remembered how she carefully chose a word to guide her upcoming year. Seems that it has caught on or maybe I was oblivious back then but many Aussie bloggers are doing the same this year.

So with at least a week of careful consideration, I thought of my word. A word that I feel encompasses everything I want my year to be. There will be no failure, only moving forward.

My word is ‘better’. I want to become better at lots of things and better my overall lifestyle. I want to be a better me, think better of myself and make better health and fitness choices. I want to be a better cook and homemaker while I’m at home on maternity leave. I want to be a better mum to Phoebe and to Bubba V. I want to be a wife, and a better friend to those who make time for me too. I want to make better time for myself and my family and continue to better myself by putting myself out there.

‘Better’ just seems to fit this year and seriously, I can’t go wrong with it. Even just changing things slightly can only make things better for me and for us.

So, do you have a word? Have you had one in the past? I’d live to hear your take on it.

Bel x


6 thoughts on “2013 and the word that will guide me

  1. Positive – find a positive in everything that happens in my life, in the people I surround myself with & in my issues with myself. 🙂

    • I think that is Bec’s word too. It sometimes hard to see the things around you and realise how lucky we all actually are and that a positive mindset can help. Doesn’t mean we can’t have our bad days too, everyone is entitled to them. Good luck with your word keeping you focused on the year ahead.

  2. Great word. I’m not sure what my word would be. Maybe ‘time’. I need a lot more family time, me time, quiet time, down time this year. Yeah right! Going back to work after a year of maternity leave!

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