Self Portrait Maternity – 30 weeks

30 weeks! The count down is on! Today I’m sitting outside our caravan on a 40 degree day, today I finally know what all those women meant when they said they struggled over summer being pregnant. Today there is no relief, the sun is beating down hot and we have a big northerly gusts bringing more hot air. I’m a tad grumpy, I have a headache and to move is such a bloody effort.

Move I will for a few things only, drinks (although hubby has been awesome and will bring them to me. To walk to the toilet block, which thankfully is across the road but still a huge effort on a day like today (and believe me, there are lots of trips due to the amount of liquid I’m consuming!). I just also came back from the beach which was ah-mazing, but walking back up the dunes with my pelvis was a task! Luckily we have a portable shower hooked up to the hose that we run instead of going to the beach, this has seriously been my saving grace!

I’m loving spending my days in all my dresses from Bali that Hubby’s sister bought for me and my jeans west shorts. Summery drinks like lemon lime bitters, agrum blood orange and of course orange crush cordial. I’ve demolished a block of top deck chocolate in two days, which I will need to replace sneakily too!

I’ve been the most relaxed I have been in ages. Although I’ve been going to bed late, I’m sleeping well and almost through the night. I’ve read a book and onto my second and take every chance to put my feet up. I’ve also been having a nap most afternoons with Phoebe which I love!

Names are being thrown around, most of mine are rejected and laughed at but I think we are making progress. When we get home, I will begin setting up Bubba V’s room, how exciting!

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Maternity – 30 weeks

  1. When I saw the doctor the other day he say gee.. You must be going to the bathroom a lot. I laughed and said I can’t make it from one end of the house to the other.

    I think your doing an awesome job just by giving it a go. My saviour at the moment is ice, lots and lots of ice.

    • Dani I can’t wait to be home to be closer to the loo, ahh the small things!

      The weather has been much better since the hot stint, much more bearable. I’m loving funny face iced poles, they have also been my saviour!

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