Life’s not just a beach

Unfortunately life is not always a beach, yep, you read it here! After nearly three weeks of camping, the reality of this begins to set in. Life isn’t all beaches, warm summers days, thongs and lounging around in bathers. Nor is it endless late dinners and bed times or lazy sleep-ins.

My biggest focus when we get home is our night time routine, which has been seriously lacking for months now. A combination of Hubby working late, even later dinners and bedtimes, as well as daylight savings and warm nights, has meant our night time routine was long ago thrown out the window.

With Bubba V due to arrive in a couple of months and Phoebe to start four year old kinder in a few weeks, I want to get us back into some sort of routine and have it down pat, stat!

I want to cook more dinners or at the very least get the preparation done so that our dinners can be at a reasonable time (let’s see if Hubby will let go of this a little). I want to have bags packed, clothes out and lunches made for the next day, a flexible dinner time, bath time as well as a set bed time for Phoebe.

I’m not sure if I’m setting the bar too high or not? Hubby seems to be on board, but I know I’m going to have to put the pressure on sometimes.

So what I want to know is, do you have a night time routine? What are the main things you concentrate on and what would be your tips?



8 thoughts on “Life’s not just a beach

  1. I thought I had routines down pat, however with DYSON coming along I find that I spend nights cleaning up the carnage and following him around when he is inside to stop further damage! Now that we have started walking him I also need to fit that into the routine somewhere! The chook also takes time as I need to put her away each night (all the time fighting DYSON to leave her alone!). Let’s just say there have been some nights she has roamed free. I think next week I get on the band wagon and work out a new routine before heading back to work.

    • Cassis, I definitely want to get back into the swing of things in time for my return to work (albeit a short stint). It’s amazing how one or two small things can throw a big spanner in a well oiled machine!

  2. good on you bel, we have a rough one even when brent is on arvo’s and i have to race from the city to get the girls from creche and dinner happening. dinner is normally around 6 or a tad before, then the girls can play or watch tv whilst clean up happens, sometimes if we’ve got it happening we’ll head out for a walk about half 6 or pop in to brent’s sisters for a play with their cousins. bath is somewhere around 7:15 to 7:45 followed by stories on the couch and amelia in bed at 8ish and kayla about half 8. having said that, we are normally out and about at least once a week at night and the girls just go with the flow. if you’re a little late who cares and a little early that’s cool too xxx it’s good to have a semi routine but be flex with it :)whatever works for you guys

  3. Good luck bel. We run a tight night time routine as both kids are so much happier with an early bed. Kids are picked up at 5 and home just after. Kids play or watch tv while dinner is done. Whoever is still at work is home at latest 530 and its dinner then(YES AT 530!). Play as a family til 630 when it’s bath/shower and bed. Kerry and I take one kid each and finish same time (about 7) and start the clean up. As we work the family time is precious so leave the mess til they are in bed. Good luck bel.

    • I think it definitely helps when you are home after work at a reasonable hour and that it is pretty consistent. That seems to be our main down fall with Hubby’s working hours, but hopefully with me home this year we can find a routine that works well for us.

  4. You know me, I’m all about routine! We have dinner much earlier than we used to these days so we can all eat together & allows time for us to relax while we bath & read a story to our little man before bed

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