Self Portrait Maternity – 31 weeks

Today we ended our camping trip, packed up the caravan and headed home after two and a half relaxing weeks! I almost forgot today’s post but remember while sitting here waiting to see my Doctor for my check up (my appointment was at 5pm and it is now 8pm and I’m still waiting). So I ducked off to the loo and used the mirror to take today’s selfie, very classy indeed!

I’m still so very relaxed after our time away, relaxing has meant my pelvis feels pretty good and my ankles haven’t been swelling that much, which is great considering the hot weather!

Bubba V continues to sit mostly on my right side, making sitting sometimes a little uncomfortable. I’m still loving all the movements and watching them but have noticed the nightly ones have changed times. I used to get movement around 9:30pm and then again at 11:30pm and 2:30 but now I get a big dies around 10:30. I wonder if these will end up being feed times, which I’d what happened with Phoebe?

Names may have been sorted and we are talking more about the details of Bubba V’s arrival, like where will Phoebe go, will we travel at Easter like we normally do and the nursery preparation.

This week has slid by casually, my health has been good (apart from a migraine over the stinking hot days) and the weather has been much kinder. I’m daydreaming more and thinking less, which makes relaxing all the more easier.

Bel x


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