Party time, a Christmas Theme

A Christmas Eve party post, yes it’s late, but that’s what happens when you head off camping on Boxing Day and don’t return for nearly three weeks.  Christmas Eve is Hubby’s birthday, we never plan a party but it always seems to happen.  It used to be a VERY late one, with lots of drinking and no kids present at all, but how times change!  Most of the crowd leave by 9pm, to set out food for Santa and his Reindeer and tuck the littlies into bed.

This year I decided to make the party about the kids too, and keep them occupied a little.  I originally saw the amazing idea of a Reindeer Food Buffet over at Enjoying the Small Things which is one of my favorite places to visit (if you haven’t already paid her a visit, then you must, like now!).  Kelle has held her North Pole party the last two years and simply put is nothing short of amazing and magical!  Mine was unfortunately nothing like hers, but I had a crack and the kids loved every minute (even the big ones).

Before making anything, there needed to be some snacks, of the naughty kind of course!  A few things were of inspired by Pinterest, including choc-dipped candy canes, the teddy bear sleighs, as well as glasses of chocolate milk to wash everything down.




And then there was the Reindeer Food Buffet itself.  Complete with jars to take home and scatter their personally made reindeer food on the front lawn.  Make sure you head over to here, to get Kelle’s labels, each explaining the ingredients and what they are for.  I set up the buffet using disposable tin-trays that housed all of the ingredients and then printed my own labels based on Kelle’s.  I had a couple of adults helping the younger kids while I took some photos.  Kids also took home a lolly bag of reindeer noses (I’m sure lots of you saw them on Pinterest over the festive season!).  Next year I’m sure they’ll all be fine doing it themselves (oh my god, did I just say next year?).





Although there was a bit of preparation involved, everything ran smoothly.  The kids loved the buffet and many of the adults were quite impressed and enjoyed watching the kids too.  Hubby loved the fact that his birthday wasn’t just about him, but about the upcoming arrival of Santa.

Bel x

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