A portrait of my child/children once a week for 52 weeks.


You’re an outdoors girl at heart.  Rain, hail and shine, you love to escape into our backyard and make your own fun.  Yes you have toys, but I often find you making elaborate soups and potions, or sneaking a little rest in the hammock.

Make sure you pop on over and visit some others who are participating in the project, there are loads to choose from.  I am making an effort to comment on the first ten each week and any others that take my fancy.

Che and Fidel

Bel x


12 thoughts on “3/52

    • Thank you Jane! I just so love the imagination of children and how it can keep them entertained for hours!
      And it was so nice to finally meet you too! We’ll have to do it again soon x

No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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