Life’s not just a beach

Unfortunately life is not always a beach, yep, you read it here! After nearly three weeks of camping, the reality of this begins to set in. Life isn’t all beaches, warm summers days, thongs and lounging around in bathers. Nor is it endless late dinners and bed times or lazy sleep-ins.

My biggest focus when we get home is our night time routine, which has been seriously lacking for months now. A combination of Hubby working late, even later dinners and bedtimes, as well as daylight savings and warm nights, has meant our night time routine was long ago thrown out the window.

With Bubba V due to arrive in a couple of months and Phoebe to start four year old kinder in a few weeks, I want to get us back into some sort of routine and have it down pat, stat!

I want to cook more dinners or at the very least get the preparation done so that our dinners can be at a reasonable time (let’s see if Hubby will let go of this a little). I want to have bags packed, clothes out and lunches made for the next day, a flexible dinner time, bath time as well as a set bed time for Phoebe.

I’m not sure if I’m setting the bar too high or not? Hubby seems to be on board, but I know I’m going to have to put the pressure on sometimes.

So what I want to know is, do you have a night time routine? What are the main things you concentrate on and what would be your tips?



One week on

Today has been a week since Phoebe had her tonsils and adenoids out. It feels like just yesterday though, that I was holding her down on the operating theatre bed, her eyes pleading with me and screaming my name over and over whilst thrashing about. Thanks to my friends who prepared me for that bit, you told me it would by far be the worst thing, and it was, but because I was prepared I was so strong for her. I just kept holding her telling her that Mummy was here and that everything was going to be alright. I didn’t realise poor Hubby was actually watching through the door, helpless, wanting to cry and punch the guy who was holding the mask over her face. When I went to the waiting room, I wanted to cry, I so wanted to cry, but there were other Mum’s and Dad’s waiting to do the same thing, so instead, I continued to be strong and waited.

It took her most of the day to notice her hand, once she didn’t she wanted to know what the hell it was!  It stayed in until night time and the needle didn’t come out til home time.

The day of the op involved lots of sleeping, a few vomits, some visitors, tears and lots of hugs. Since then, my girl has been so brave and strong. She is eating normally with normal food, keeping up her fluids (including the perscribed coke) and is doing so well pain wise only surviving with panadol, and never once has she complained or cried yet. I’ve been waiting for her to hit the brick wall of pain that I have been told about, but it has yet to happen, I still wait for it though.

After a rough start the morning we were due to come home, they finally released her and all she wanted was Subway.  Your wish is my command!

It’s hard to tell a kid of four that they need to rest, so we nap like we normally do and today we are at home having a quiet day. We’ll watch some television, play dolls quietly and do some crafts. She talks but nowhere near as much as she usually does, which if you know her you know shes a talker, it’s weird that the house is so quiet. And when she does talk, her voice is different, chipmunk like, and that’s going to take getting used to.

I’m glad it’s all over, I’m glad she is home with us where she should be and I can take care of her. This week, I know for sure that I was made to be her Mum.

What are you up to this week while I’m at home with my girl?

Bel x

Hand Holding

In two days time, I wont be here in my home like a normal Wednesday, I wont be dropping Phoebe at kinder like I normally do, there wont be the morning rush and I wont be looking after Fynn either.  Instead, Hubby has the day off and early in the morning we will drive to the hospital with our little girl, ready to hold her hand while she gets her tonsils and adenoids out.

People go through a lot worse with their kids, and I mean alot worse.  I know what happens out there, I don’t live in a bubble and I’m not oblivious to it.  I’m not sure how those Mum’s and Dad’s do it, regularly, they are strong, or know the tricks to ‘act’ strong for their little ones and maybe fall apart in privacy.  But the fact remains, no one wants to see their baby in pain, and in two days time, we’ll be in that place.

Phoebe has decided that she wants me to be the one to go into the theatre with her and for me to be the one to stay the night.  I’m happy to do both.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of good friends who have prepared me for what it might be like (I don’t normally name names but thanks Nicole, Kim, Yvette and Rachael).  Hubby then joked “why am I having the day off then?”, he wants to take her in, I’d be happy for that too, believe me, they tell me that’s the hardest part.  But instead I told him, he’ll need to hold my hand, and I’ll need to hold his, then together we will appear strong enough and be able to hold hers through it all.

We arrive at 7am, and we don’t know how long the wait will be.  I’ve been told it goes by the youngest, and knowing he doesn’t operate on kids until they are four, I’m hoping we wont have to wait to long.  She has to stay the night, I will stay by her side. She has picked out some new pjamas for her stay and I have bought her a special present for when all is done (something to sleep with, that I know she’ll love). I’m greatful my growing baby belly isn’t too big as it would make the stay even more uncomfortable.  And then I have the whole next week off.

I don’t doubt that her recovery will be hard at times and I know from past experience that all she’ll want is her Mum, I’m prepared for that.  I’ll lay in bed with her if I have to, the hell to housework.  I’ve told hubby to leave his ipad though so I don’t go completely batty from watching the Little Mermaid and other wonderful kids movies over and over again!!

So, if it is quiet here the next week or so, and my maternity post doesn’t appear like it has every Friday in the past, you know why.

Bel x

I’m scared, I know I shouldn’t be but….

I’ve re-written this post a couple of times, taken out sentences, added in different ones, then deleted the whole thing and started from scratch today.  I didn’t want this post to come across negatively, at the time when I originally wrote the post (the deleted one) I guess I was in a negative mindset.  But now that things have calmed and I’m feeling level-headed, I’m re-writing the post in a way that seems more fitting.

I have never been extremely body confident, but was happy with my body and the way I looked before I had Phoebe.  I’ve never really been one for exercising or playing team sports either.  When I fell pregnant with Phoebe, I put on 15 kilos and since the day I had her, I’ve only lost 5 kilos (funny that that was probably how much she weighed, whoops!).  I have many stretch marks to tell the tale of her being in my belly, I like to call them ‘kick marks’ though and they honestly don’t bother me one little bit (I was never a bikini wearer in the first place).  I was left too with LOTS of excess skin, the type that my Doctor told me could never be toned through exercise, only fixed by surgery.  But I hide it well with my clothes choices, no one notices, and when I have shown friends, needless to say, they were a little shocked.

About six months ago, I became unhappy with my body and I’ll stress I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with my weight, more the way I felt.  And so I started to move my body!  I slowly (with the help of some friends) built up my walking to spurts of jogging.  I borrowed a treadmill and started jogging even further.  I actually did start to enjoy it (previously I lacked motivation and drive).  I’m unlucky in the fact though that I can’t change my diet too much, I have this unusual problemo with texture which doesn’t allow me to eat fruit, salad and some veggies (although I’m getting better at having them within other foods).  And then I fell pregnant, I got tired (like we all do) and I was too exhausted some nights to even manage with all the housework let alone going for a walk/jog.  Now my pelvis is playing up too, so I’m in a spot of bother.

This image is from my Pinterest Board ‘Move it’ – I cannot find the original source to give credit where credit is due 😦

So, I’m scared, I know I shouldn’t be, but I was already unhappy with my body…..I’m completely happy at the moment though, I’m pregnant and loving the little home I am creating.  But I’m wondering what state my body will be left in after Bubba V arrives?  I’m not feeling at all pressured by celebrities and their bounce back bodies (although I sometimes do have the urge to slap them), they obviously worked hard, really really hard.  So, my question to you is, am I alone in the way I’m feeling?  How did you or are you trying to feel better about your body after children?

Bel x

Not on a bandwagon or a soapbox

Please don’t jump on a soap box or a bandwagon, I haven’t and won’t when it comes to breastfeeding.  So if you are one of ‘those’ don’t continue reading, this post is just about me putting my thoughts down on paper.  Each to their own, you do what works, and you shouldn’t need to explain.

I realize now as a mother, that back then I knew absolutely NOTHING about breastfeeding.  Only one of my friends had a child and well, she just made it look so natural and easy.  Breastfeeding is natural, of course it is, but it doesn’t come naturally that’s for sure.  I didn’t know what ‘let down’ even meant.  I didn’t know the emotions and pain that would come along too.  I knew little of mastitis or how regularly to feed, what was normal and what wasn’t, or if in fact there was even a normal!

Being pregnant again, I have been pondering breastfeeding quite a bit lately.  When I arrived home with Phoebe I thought I was doing pretty well.  No one told me though what it would really be like, I don’t think anyone could have prepared me.  She fed LOTS, and fell asleep LOTS while feeding.  After a couple of weeks I remember saying to my partner, if this continues, I don’t think I’ll ever leave the house again, and these were my honest to god feelings.  My anxiety began to rise, and panic attacks ensued.  My baby girl could feel my stress and in turn became stressed.  The mere sound of her crying for a feed would send my stomach into knots.  It all became to much, to much for me mentally and in turn too much for her as well.

I made the decision to bottle feed, I’ll admit I did cry when I did it.  Not because of having to give up, not because I felt I was a bad mother, but I think because I had never really thought much about it at all and wasn’t prepare.  I guess I was in shock.  I made the conscious decision that for the first three months, no one would be allowed to feed Phoebe except Hubby and I.  We bonded, you can do that when you bottle feed you know?  And still to this day, I believe it is one of the reasons why we are all so close.

I wish I was crazy passionate about breastfeeding, but try as I might, I just don’t think I am.  I wish I knew that I was 100% committed next time around to breastfeeding, but I am not.  I do know that I am trying to educate myself more.

Bel x


If you didn’t already know, I’m expecting another baby in March next year.  This will make our family the perfectly even number of four!  A new chapter in our lives.

I always love the initial questioning you get when you tell someone the news, the first of which always seems to be, was it planned?  Followed closely behind by, we didn’t know you were trying!  And, are you going to find out the sex?  And finally what do you think your having?  So to clear those up, yes it was planned (it shouldn’t matter if it wasn’t though, we are obviously having the baby if we are telling you and are both extremely excited!) and yes, we were trying and you didn’t know because I didn’t really want the world to know that we were bonking regularly in order to reach this outcome.  No, we are not going to find out the sex, we loved the surprise with Phoebe and as Hubby says, “You don’t get many surprises in life these days”.  And for the record, I think I’m having a boy.

The other question is usually, is it different this time around?  I think most pregnancies are different, but yes, my two have been so far.  With Phoebe I was extremely lucky to suffer NO morning sickness at all, I had a few weeks of extreme tiredness which seemed to pass quickly, I didn’t pop out until about 22 weeks either.  I loved being pregnant with Phoebe, I was the healthiest I had ever been, my migraines amounted to two in the nine months I was pregnant and I felt amazing.  Granted, I did have quite a few scares along the way with her, but I savored every minute because back then, we only thought we would ever have one child.

Now four years later, I am pregnant again!  And we are so excited, Phoebe included (she is going to make a great big sister).  I’m glad that I will too savor this pregnancy like my last, because this will be my last.  This time around I have felt ill, all day sickness, but have never thrown up.  The tiredness has stretched on and on, and despite what everyone says, it’s not because I have Phoebe around, she is wonderfully self sufficient and usually not too much hard work.  My skin is terrible, I have never had so many pimples in my life.  And at nearly fourteen weeks pregnant, I have a very obvious bump going on (not to mention the massive boobs!).  But, as with Phoebe, I have already had a few scares, all of which have passed.

So, I have lots on my mind at the moment, we have lots to do and lots of preparation before the end of the year.  My Blog will remain the same, but now just add in some baby stuff here and there, hope you don’t mind!?

Bel x

Puff Paint – the recipe

A few weeks back I wrote this post, about making presents. Lots a people thought it was a great idea, and since then, one Mum and pretty girl have tried it out. They loved it and it worked a treat! So here is the recipe, which I sourced originally from here. I just played around with the quantities to make enough to put in the jars, to make it a thick enough to paint and not drip everywhere.

1 tablespoon of self raising flour

1 tablespoon of salt

4 teaspoons of water

Food colouring

I found it easier to mix the ingredients with a whisk, it was definitely less lumpy this way.

I then found the cute little jars I used from the Reject shop, packets of brushes from Safeway and used some ribbon to pretty them up a bit. To finish them off, a nice pretty bag, some instructions to go with the paint and a card. I wrote my own instructions which went a little like this:

Magic Puff Paint

Using some carboard, paint a masterpiece!

Don’t use the paint in big blobs thought!

Are you finished?

Place your masterpiece in the microwave for 10-10 seconds.

This will make the magic happen!

I play to make some more for Phoebe to play with over the holidays. If you make some, let me know how you go and if the kids enjoyed it!


Am I being tight?

My husband at the moment thinks I am one big tight arse!  Now I’m starting to wonder if I possibly am.  This week sees Phoebe attend no less than about 7 birthday parties, mind you, this is not including her own.  The fact that I have to buy my baby girl a present and put on a little shindig for her, already means the budget is tight.  I am the present buyer in this house you see, and I think that hubby sometimes forgets that  I only work part-time.

So this year (ok month), I’m tryng something different.  I’m trawling the internet and pinning my heart out over at Pinerest, head over and see this board in particular.  Most the kids who I’ll be buying for have heaps of toys (compared to Phoebe who never really has had alot, she prefers her dolls, dress ups and playing in the  garden) and I’m really at a loss as to what get them, truly I am!  It’s not just about the money, although that is a factor, seriously what do I get some of these kids?

I’m going the homemade option this month, I want to see how it goes.  I’m trying to make things the kids will like and then pretty them up a bit.  I’m hoping some of the Mum’s give me honest feedback, if you think they are crap, please tell me, if you love the idea, tell me that too.

These are the gifts for Round One.  They are jars with homemade puff paint along with some instructions.  The kids paint their own picture on some card, then it gets microwaved for a few seconds and just like magic, the paint rises and creates texture.  I included some coloured paper in one, but for the second I changed my mind and added in some brushes instead.  Phoebe loves it and tested it out, so hopefully the other kids will too.

So what do you think?

Bel x

Life Changes

I mentioned briefly in another Post that I am now looking after my nephew on my day’s off while my sister goes back to work.  It’s meant that things have changed around here for me and for Phoebe.  For instance, our Friday mornings used to consist of a sleep in, a leisurley breakfast in bed, sometimes often followed by a day in our pj’s or visiting friends.  The sleep ins are gone, and yes, of course I will miss them.  But  I think having little Fynn around has made me more organised around the house.

For instance, the boy is now on the move, not full on crawling yet, but the commando type.  When I had Phoebe, we had a carpeted house, now we have floor boards all bar the bedrooms.  They get messy quick.  So now when Fynn comes over, I get up at my normal work time, I sweep the floors and make sure Phoebe hasn’t left any little bits and pieces around (like babrie tiaras, lip gloss lids and dress up earrings) and whack on a load of washing.  While the kids are eating breakfast, I dust, tidy and make beds.  And when he naps in the morning, I hang out and bring in washing.

I feel like I accomplish a lot.  I don’t have the chance to be lazy, which sometimes, I choose to do, every Mum needs a break occasionally lets face it!  I’m sure there will be days and weeks where the novalty completely wears off and I get nothing at all done.  But for now, I am enjoying being busy, having a clean and tidy house.

Bel x

Girls just wanna have fun

Two weekends ago, it was our boys mid-year Golf trip, which us ladies are invited to (lucky us yeah!).  So we headed off to Melbourne for a night kid free.  We enjoyed pre-dinner drinks and then headed for dinner with everyone, even had a boogie afterwards.  Lost, but did not find any money at the Casino and then headed back to our hotel in the wee hours.

In the morning, the boys headed off for Golf, while us ladies had the day to ourselves.  It was nothing exciting, but I tell you, it was one of the best days I’ve had in a while.  No clock watching, lingering lunch, strolling through the city streets and shops.  And if you are me, pretending like you are someone you are not, that you belong here in this amazing city.  The weather even held off for most of the day, blue skies and fluffy white clouds…..until of course we walked out of Myer and it to what seemed to be a different world, people scrambling with umbrellas as the grey descended upon the city.


We chatted, we laughed, shared stories and maybe even a secret or too.  Did a spot of people watching, which I love!  We didn’t once have to answer to “Mum”, which in itself can be quite liberating.  We sat at the Lindt Cafe (which I didn’t even know existed – how the HELL did that happen??) and indulged ourselves.

Before we knew it, the boys were ringing us, wondering where we were and if we were ever going to pick them up (this NEVER happens!).  And although our day consisted of nothing spectacular, it actually was!

Above is a terrible photo of some of the girls, all of us on our Iphones trying to work out how to get to where the boys were.  This was also the point where there was lack of communication when I said “Meet me out the back girls so I can follow someone” as my Iphone map wasn’t working.  After more than 5 minutes waiting in my parked car, I realised something was amiss, rang my bestie who informed me they were well on their way.  Initiate *freak the fuck out* on my behalf, as I hate city driving, didn’t know where I was let alone where I was going and had no friggin map.  *Calm* ensures when I realise Nav-bitch is in the car, followed by another *freak the fuck out* because stupid Nav-bitch wont connect to satillite.  Back on the phone to bestie who starts giving me directions, she obviously forgot I’m a visual learner and none of it made sense!  Nav-bitch finally clicked in, got me there safe and the bonus ……. I didn’t have a panic attack AND it was a good/funny story to tell (I guess!).

Bel x