Save me!

This is what happens when we head away for a weekend….

Mt Washmore!! Despite our fun, relaxing and much needed weekend away, I’m now left to pick up the pieces (or do the bloody washing more like it!). I’m trapped currently at the bottom of Mt Washmore, I’m slowly scrambling my way to the top.

I’ve lit the fire, it’s a crappy day outside. I have an hour to get this pile put away and more loads hung before I pick Phoebe up for kinder.

How’s your day shaping up?
Bel x


Dinosaurs and Teepees

I’m trying to have some real fun with Phoebe on Fridays, you know, instead of the mundane like going up the street, cleaning the house.  Soon, I will be looking after my nephew Fynn on my days off, so I want to have things set up for Phoebe and I to still have great fun together so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on ‘Mum’ time.

This afternoon, we spent it outside.  Yes the days are getting much cooler, but when the sun is shining, like today, we try to get out.  I bought these eggs from Kmart today, which I was actually going to make myself, I have a recipe, but I couldn’t pass these up for a measley $1 each.

We started work on it together, chipping away at the clay, hoping to find our dinosaur inside.  After Phoebe knew what she was doing, I pulled washing off the line above the table she was sitting at and hung out another.  I stopped every now and again to help her out.  We made a good start, but it is hard work, so we will chip away again tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, our backyard resemebled a jungle.  It was lush and green with plants aplenty, but seriously, Phoebe and her friends were struggling to find the play gym, let along get onto it.  We hired a skip (actually three in the end) and cut back everything (and by we, I mean Hubby).  Granted, we may have gone a little overboard, but with winter coming up, I am sure they will be back to their huge sizes in no time.  But today, it meant Phoebe and I could use some of the bigger off cuts and make a tee-pee!

Hopefully the blue skies stick around for a while longer.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, even if it just was in the backyard!

Enjoy your weekend!!  What are your plans?

Bel x


Everyone has a picture in their head of what other people are like.  I often read other mummy blogs and photographers blogs around the place, and marvel at them.  Wow, they do so much with their kids, look at that crafty activity, baking mmmm baking, another cool outing!  And so I begin creating a picture, usually of this awesome Mum who spends so much quality time with her kids, doing amazing things with them and savouring the moments.

We love playing outdoors.  We do it all the time (but the secret is, I also manage to hang out the washing, yep, you heard it here).

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend once about this did I realize that my picture is probably way off.  Considering she thought that I was one of those Mums!!  She honestly thought my day consisted of activity after activity with Phoebe.  Ummmmm no!

Phoebe loves painting, she’d do it all the time if she could.

I’ll be completely honest, my days at home are not like that at all!  I work three days a week and unfortunately my household doesn’t run itself (as much as I wish it would).  By the time I do all the ‘stuff’ that has to be done, it’s maybe mid-morning/lunchtime.  We visit friends and then before I know it, it’s usually nap time (yes Phoebe is three and a half and still has a nap).

Oh yay, an outing with and a cute lil pony to boot.

Don’t get me wrong, I do plan activities sometimes to do with Phoebe (I have a really cool one that I want to do this week with her), but in the scheme of things, it’s probably only an hour out of my day.  It’s what you do with the other ‘moments’ that count I think.  And maybe because I am a teacher, this comes easier to me.

 Our Easter activity, dying eggs.

In teaching we talk a lot about how every moment can be a ‘teachable’ one.  You can use this in your home, you don’t necessarily need ‘activities’.  For instance, for some unknown reason to me, Phoebe is quite upset when it rains at the moment.  So we have been talking a lot about the weather, how rain is made, the seasons and what is good about each of them.  We go out and watch the clouds, check the weather forecast, and guess what the temperture might be today.  Now, I haven’t done an ‘activity’ but we are learning, we are talking and exploring together.  This week I plan on buying a rain gauge that we can look at and record rainfall.  We are going to replant her planter box with more carrots.  I wouldn’t consider these to be activities though, to me, these are everyday moments in our life.

What?  Another outing?  Exploring the rock pools at our caravan (the permanent one).

The reason I wrote this long winded post is that hopefully people will start looking at what they do with their kids, and realize how much they actually do do and how much their kids are getting out of them!!  Mum’s have a lot on their plates, it’s the biggest job in the world.  If you fit in an activity too, well done, but if not, I’m sure you spent time with your child anyway.  And sometimes the pictures you create in your head about other people are a bit off.

So let me know, what’s one thing you did today with your child, activity or not?

Bel x

Give me five

This post contains ranting, raving and some course language.

Please give Mummy five minutes, I’m about to loose my shit!  I’ve woken up this morning, and everything has piled on my shoulders and I’m about to drop my bundle!

1.  I’m sure I left the kitchen tidy before I headed out to get my hair chopped off last night, but this morning, it looks like we had a party, oh which I was not obviously invited to!

2.  I’m sorry, did I ask you to leave a pile of clothes in the corner of the room, for me to play the game of “what to hang and which is clean, what to put in the washing machine?”.

3.  Phoebe I love you dearly but I am sure you watched me go through your whole wardrobe two days ago and refold everything, how they hell does it now look like for the past year I’ve opened your wardrobe and just chucked things in?

4.  How is it possible to loose 3 shoes, all from different pairs and not know where your runners are?  Our house is only 13 sqaures, do we have shoe-eating monster I didn’t know about?

5.  Why is the playroom floor littered in rubbish, isn’t there a bin under the desk?

6.  Why when I swept the floor boards Wednesday does it now look like someone has let off a confetti bomb?

7.  How is the microwave full of your crap, when you have a basket next to it with all your crap in it?  Oh that’s right, the crap is over filling, just put it there, don’t clean out the first basket.

8.  Leave that empty cordial bottle on the bench, no worries, I’ll fill it!

9.  You know that big white thing under the sink?  I’m pretty sure its called a dish washer, and you guessed it, it washes dishes, maybe you should try it!

10.  Don’t forget the dining table can also be used to put your crap on, once of course the basket of crap is full and the microwave too.

11.  Why must you insist on wearing your bathers as a netball uniform, isn’t that what dress-ups are for?

And  ………….. breath, in and out!  It’s only eleven and and I think I need a drink!  Is there any point in ranting and raving?  Probably not.  What about not doing anything today to prove a point?  Nah, that wont work either, just means more to do tomorrow.  Instead, I guess I will suck it up!  Watch some day time TV and in between, clean up this bomb site that I call my house.

Rant over!  Thanks for listening!

Bel x


Dummy Wars

I’m sure it is a familiar story to many families but it is a new one to mine.  Over the Easter break, many of Phoebe’s little friends bravely gave their dummies up to the Easter Bunny (apparently he has many, I guess he breeds like a rabbit!).  MY daughter though, wouldn’t have a bar of it.  She didn’t get angry, she didn’t get upset, she did however state rather firmly that she would not be leaving her dummy for him and nor would he be taking it.  Mother guilt set in for me, Phoebe is three and a half now, and even though no one around me was saying anything, I felt like she should have given it up earlier.  It wasn’t like it was stuck to her at all hours of the day, she only had it for sleep time, but still, I knew eventually problems would arise.

I had plans set in place, I knew she wasn’t going to give it up freely, we would have to get creative and it may take time.  I was planning on using the nail-biting solution, in turn making her dummy taste yuck, and if that didn’t work, I would start putting small holes in it.  Neither of these were needed however.  Instead, the stars aligned and the universe gave us the perfect opportunity.  Instead of picking Phoebe up from her Aunty’s the other night after work, I met them at the park, this also meant that dummy was left at her house.  The plan still wasn’t concocted until later that night when the dummy still hadn’t been dropped off and she asked for it.  She sobbed and told me she need it, she couldn’t sleep without it and she didn’t know what to do.  Seriously broke my heart.

 I’s started to notice that after about 5 minutes of being asleep, the dummy would fall out anyway.

Aunty came over to drop it off, but we kept running with the story, until Aunty realised that Phoebe had in fact left her dummy on the floor after her nap that day.  And so it was then that we told her our dog, Dakota, had if fact seized that moment and took the dummy.  She didn’t believe it at first, it took some phone calls to other family members to confirm, she was upset but then it was like a switch was flicked.  She started convincing us (more like her) that she was a big girl, she didn’t need it, “look how tall I am, I’m nearly four!” she told us and just when you thought she was thinking about something else, she would start convincing herself all over again.

And so it was, we tottled off to bed, there was NO turning back now.  It took her a while to figure out how to actually go to sleep without it, you could hear her trying to work out what to do with her mouth and tongue, even her hands, but soon enough, she was off and snoring.  I waited patiently throughout the night for her to wake (I’ve been down this road once before with her) but when she did wake, she simply asked for some water and went back to sleep.

 Going to sleep is a little harder, but she’s doing a great job.

Since then, we have had a nap (which was a little more difficult but still no tears) and another night of sleep, with no waking whatsoever.  I am so proud of her, so is the family.  I never thought I would see the day when she wouldn’t need it, but it has come.  I guess my girl is growing up and I guess you just have to do things your way.  Wrapping her dummy up and giving it the fairies didn’t work for us, nor did giving it to Santa or the Easter Bunny.  I guess as parents, sometimes you have to get creative and read the signs.

Dummy War won!  Have you had a similar experience?

Bel x

Solid Silver Love

This picture represents a lot to me.  If you can’t quite tell what it is, it is a solid silver bracelet, Phoebe’s to be exact.  Notice the cut?  Phoebe recieved this as a gift when she was just a bubs, and she’s had it on ever since.  To the point where it couldn’t come off and had to be cut off.  The argument is now that I want to put it away in her jewellery box so that she (and I) can look back and she just how teeny she was.  Hubby on the other hand, wants to get it extended so she can keep wearing it.

This bracelet has seen a lot really.  I remember when we first put it on her she hated it and constantly played with it trying to get it off.  The day she cut it, she felt odd without it.  It represents that she once was a baby (that time seems so far away now), the ups and downs we went through to get to this point (sleep issues – yes she was once a bad sleeper – either that or being a first time Mum I didn’t recognise her tired signs, not to mention the other bits and bobs that come along with having a baby).  My baby is all grown up, or growing up, that’s my point though, this bracelet can stay the same while she gets older and experiences all the life has to offer.  Sentimental much?

So what would you do, extend it or put it away?

(Notice that it is currently in the jewellery box and I hope that hubby forgets about it altogether!).

Bel x

Enjoy your school holidays!



I’m not exactly sure when it occured or started occuring, but recently I have noticed that my three year old daughter seems to have a better social life than I do!  When she first came into our world and I became comfortable being a Mum, life was a buzz with catch ups with friends, meeting new people through mother’s group, Mum’s and Bubs movie session etc – to the point where, I had to find the time and schedule in when to do my housework and washing!

This past month has opened my eyes to the lack of a social life I have, and how great hers is!  Party after party, playdates with friends (I suppose I could claim this one too if it’s also a friend of mine), Wednesday nights she takes off to go and watch her Aunties play netball.  Last night, a weeknight none the less, she even ditched us and our ritual ‘Tuesday Night Family Dinner’ for a trip into the city to watch netball!!

I’ve always been big on being a Mum but also letting Phoebe see that I am my own person too… I work, I have my own friends, I have hobbies and passions but I love my family too, and enjoy spending time with them – you can have it all.  This was great when I had my hobby and photography business with my sister, it meant that we got out a bit, did something we loved.  It also meant at home, I had to find time to look through photos, edit and find inspiration.  But lately, the catch up with friends has died down (unless it’s with kids in tow), I can’t even tell you the last time I really picked up my camera or even read a book (which is something I did alot of in the past).

Pinned Image

 find it here

So, I’m going to start trying to put the fun back into my world!  I’m going to focus on doing more things for me.  Phoebe can have her fun and hopefully I can too!  I’m going to:

1. Read at least one page of a book most nights.

2. Try to go out to dinner with some friends, that doesn’t involve an occasion like a birthday.

3. Get my bloody camera out!  Somewhere in the last few months I lost my mojo, I need to find it again.

4. Get back into walking, or moving.  Phoebe can join in on this one!

5. Continue Blogging, I’m really loving it (and try to get myself into the Blogging community more).

6. Look forward to our girls weekend in August (oh yeah, sleep ins, day spas, chats and laughs!).

Do your kids have a better social life than you?  Are you happy with that or do you want to try and have some fun like me too?

Bel x

Bad Mum or just not my Mum?

Phoebe started 3 year old kinder this year, my she was soooo ready for it!  She has such a great time and enjoys going each week.  But I tell you what, the amount of art work that my girl does each week is astounding!! Yesterday, I shit you not, 8 various pieces of art work came home in her bag, mainly pasting which seems to be her main interest at the moment.

Dont get me wrong at all, I love seeing her work and how she is progressing but now I have this guilt.  You see my mum was a classic house wife when we were growing up and she has this amazing ability (and obviously storage) to keep sooooo many things from our childhood.  She has albums upon albums of our school work, art pieces, awards and photos, not to mention the weird stuff like plaster casts from our first broken boneS! And yep, she still has it all!

So now I am left wondering how to keep records our of girls life, her progress, her achievements and of course her beautiful art work.  She does things for other family members but what I am I to do with the rest….. I am realistic knowing I can’t keep it all, right??  Can I be as good as my Mum was?

How to you keep your kids records and art work?

Watching out

Phoebe has never been one to get sick or to get sick often.  The occasional chest infection here and there in her first two years was the most major thing we had to deal with.  But this year has been a doosie since the first time she got tonsillitis.  She gets it, goes on antibiotics, she gets worse, goes on more antibiotics, then gets better finally and a couple of weeks later the process begins again.

After a few bouts of it, we realized that he tonsils are massive ALL the time.  I’m not sure how more poor girl evens eats really.  So a couple of weeks ago, we saw a specialist, they need to come out, I knew he would say that.  But he also scared me a little, because they are so big, and because she snores too, he wouldn’t be surprised if she has sleep apnea and has occasionally stopped breathing and we just haven’t noticed it yet.  



Even when she was little, I loved watching her sleep, I think it is something every mum loves to do.  So now I will continue to watch, now I even check on her during the night.  I love that she breathes so loud and snores even louder, it means I can hear her breathing.  Now we just have to wait for the operation, maybe then I will sleep better.

Bel x

My Dancing Queen

The last few weeks have been full of dance concert rehearsals and driving around Phoebe, and I’ll be honest when I say more than once I wondered why I even said yes to her doing dancing!! When we put her into dancing, I made sure I chose a small dance school, where dancing was the priority and not caked on make-up and costumes.

Phoebe of course did have to wear make-up, which I am still not sure how I feel about. Granted, it was very light, especially in comparison to other dance schools I have seen. I don’t even know how to put make-up on myself, I was never taught by my Mum, maybe a good thing, sometimes bad, any who, I managed to make my little girl up.

She performed just as I thought she would and displayed her vivacious personality. And she was of course, cute and a little funny. I should’ve known how smart she was and how in tune with everything around her she is, when she refused to perform her second and final dance because “people were laughing at me mum!”. It was so hard to explain that even though they were laughing at her, it was in fact because she was so cute, not for a bad reason.

She eventually was convinced and went on. I was so proud of her, as was her Dad and the rest of the family. My daughter grew up a little more in front of my eyes!

Do your girls dance? And do they have to wear make-up, how do you feel about it?

Bel x