As of today, things are starting to change around here…….A Mums Reality will soon be moving to a shiny new home called Life at no.2

With this big decision comes big change, and I don’t want to loose any of you along the way.  In most cases, it will just be a name change, but in some instances, it may also involve an address change.  Of course all the changes will be available on the new blog which I will share with you really soon, but as of today, my other social media spaces have changed.

  • If you follow me on Instagram, which is one of my favourite places to hang out, you can find me searching lifeatno2  Please note that my account is set to private and if you don’t have a profile picture or a decent description which tells me who you are or where you write, I may not add you.
  • Over on Pinterest everything is the same, just a slight address change.  Find me here!
  • The blog’s Facebook page has stayed at the same address for now, and there is just a name change.  Make sure you keep updated here as I will eventually create a whole new page with a new address to reflect my new bloggy home.
  • And over on Twitter there is a name and address change but everything else remains the same.

Thank you for your support while these changes take place.  Where possible I have tried to limit the impact to my readers and friends out there.  I value you all and appreciate you visiting here and my other social media spaces, so make sure you stay tuned and that you move with me!  I can’t wait to show you all my new space in the next few days and continue my writing journey.

Bel x



Twelve from Twelve (with my first ever Linky!)

In two days time it will be the 12th, of the 12th, 2012.  I thought what better way to celebrate, than choose twelve photographs from each month of the year as an overview.  It was pretty easy to do because of my awesome filing system which I talked about here, make sure if you haven’t read it, you do before the new year begins.  Anyways, here is my twelve, picked because they showed an important event or an image that I just loved!

first half of year low quality

January – we see the rest of our holidays out camping in a coastal town.  Every morning I would wake to this sight and every night, the lighthouse would shine down on us.  This is one of our favorite times of year.

February – my ‘baby’ started 3 year old Kinder.  My concerns about how she would go were completely unfounded and she loved every minute of it.  She has thrived throughout the year and has enjoyed every day she has been.

March – we got married!!  After twelve years together, we finally tied the knot.  We also ‘married’ Phoebe and had what was the best day with family and friends that we could have hoped for.  The day was laid back, and very much us.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

April – Easter time and another great camping trip with friends.  This year Phoebe was much more accepting of the Easter Bunny and posed willingly for a photo.

May and June (these two photos are around the wrong way for some reason and wouldn’t go back grrrr) – So the REAL May saw us head off on our familymoon to Hamilton Island, the perfect escape for our little family!  The most memorable was our helicopter flight, such a wonderful experience and one we will never forget.

And the real June saw us visiting friends on our non-Kinder days.  Exploring, collecting and playing outdoors in the rain.

second six months low quality

July – realizing how long my girls hair actually was, beautiful but so very very long.  I just love this image, so simplistic.

August – after realizing how long Phoebe’s hair really was, it was off for her first hair cut at nearly age four!  Such a big milestone for any little person (or their parents).

September – beach time.  Heading to our caravan down the coast in the dead of winter is one of our favorite things to do.  The area is quitter than it normally is.  We listen to the sound of crashing waves at night and gum nuts falling on the annex roof.  We head off on walks along the beach, explore the rock pools and recharge our batteries.

October – visits to Pa’s house are few times a year due to distance and our busy calendars.  But when we are there we love to soak up the surrounds and Phoebe enjoys every minute she can get of Pa’s attention.  I love the quietness here, the bush surrounds and the way the sunlight falls between the trees in the afternoon.

November – my belly is coming along well.  Despite many things going on that didn’t occur when pregnant with Phoebe, I’m still loving every minute of it.  I could spend hours just sitting and feeling/watching bubs move.  Preparation is well in swing now making space for our new little family member.

December – the crazy, busy time of year however the one I love the most.  It all begins on the first with us finding our Christmas tree.  This one involved thunder, lightning and rain, but all in all another memorable experience.

How about you share with me your twelve from twelve now?  I’d love to see what your year was all about in picture form.  You don’t have to do a photo from each month, you could just choose twelve that best show your year, or twelve of your favourites!  I can’t wait to pop over and visit to see what you have been up to!  Make sure you link back to A Mums Reality so your friends can join in too.  Linky is open now and will remain open until the 13th of December. Click the link below to join in ….


Bel x

One hell of a week

It’s been one hell of a week here, so good, yet so tiring, so exciting and yet scary.  Tuesday night I had my big dinner with other bloggers which I wrote about here and didn’t arrive home into the wee hours of the morning.  The late night alone coupled with being pregnant and also the nervousness that came along with actually attending the event made me tired for the next few days.  However, I felt so invigorated, like what I am doing here might actually mean something in the greater world and that in fact I may finally begin to be forging new bonds with other people like me.

But if that wasn’t enough, I was lucky this week to also attend my first ever blogging event held by 360immerse and Target.  Once again, nerves and panic swept over me when I was first invited and I wasn’t sure I’d say yes.  But with some reassurance from some others, including hubby, I went along with Phoebe.  We had such an amazing morning viewing the new children’s clothing range from Target.  I was also lucky enough to meet some more beautiful bloggers and get to see what these events are actually like.

The Collette Dinnigan Ballet range is seriously all types of cute and pretty!!  Tutus, and soft colours, oh my!  If Bubba V is a girl, she’ll need to watch out, Mummy will be stocking up on this stuff!  Phoebe worked out what she wants to buy on the day, so a visit to Target is imminent in the next week or so.  It was also great to see a formal wear range for girls of all ages and at reasonable prices too.

The colours available at Target this summer include that of the rainbow and more.  And for once, despite not having a son, I was well and truly impressed with the boys collection.  I have and continue to be impressed by the quality of the clothes and durability.  There are many more exciting children’s wear products out for summer and Christmas, but these are the two that impressed me Phoebe and I the most.

Bel x

Disclosure: I was under no obligation whatsoever to write this post.  Phoebe and I had a wonderful morning and attended because we were already big fans of Target and wanted to see what new things were on offer.  We did however receive the costs of our transport and Target gift cards which was a really lovely surprise and we will enjoy spending on some of the new products we saw.

In the words of Dora the Explorer “I did, I did it, I did it yeah!”

Today I am exhausted, I am spent.  The left side of my neck aches, there is no relief and there is a dull pulsing in my right temple.  It was there yesterday, I know exactly what it is and how long it will last (three days, always three days) I slept, and recovered slightly and pushed on.  Last night was the big event of me stepping outside my comfort zone.  I’d come this far, putting myself out there and all, there was no way in hell I was going to pull out.  So I jumped in the shower, it’s truly amazing how theapuctic one simple act can be, and readied myself for the night ahead.

I had literally not met any of the women who I was going to be dining with, the most information I had about them was from their blogs, twitter and instagram accounts.  Some of my friends and work collegues were concerned, you know, with the way the world is at the moment and how close to home some things have been.  I gave all the details to my Sister, you know, just in case.  I grabbed my bottle of water (one of my panic attack saftey nets) and typed an address into my iPhone (I was lucky enough to have the lovely Cherie offer for me to go to her house and grab a lift in), and off I went.

I put the trust in my iPhone map as it directed me the long way to the short cut and into some heavy traffic (a panic attack waiting to happen right there, but I coped).  However despite all that, I managed to arrive at Cherie’s right on time and finally met her in real life.  She was so welcoming and lovely, that I honestly felt like we had know eachother for years.  She put me at ease in an instant (thank you!).  First impressions last don’t you think?

We arrived at the resturant spot on time again (for us Mum’s quite an amazing feet right there!).  I was introduced to so many wonderful women who I admire from afar in the wonderful world that is the internet.  There were quite a few of us, and meant I only really spoke to a couple over tea and got to know them better.  But there’s always next time.  Our bellies were stuffed full of amazing food and desert.  There was laughter, instagramming, and general chit chat.  An outsider would have suspected some sort of work gathering, or a Mum’s night out.  I felt so at home the whole time, I honestly did.  I had moments where I was overwhelmed but I just kept reminding myself that I had already achieved so much just sitting at that very table.

I came home in the wee hours of this morning, and believe me, I am now more well aware that I am no longer in my twenties and need at least eight hours sleep.  When I was in bed, thoughts swirled for at least another hour or so, new friendships, inspiration and direction.

I had a wonderful night, and I am so very greatful for the invite and the welcoming arms of these lovely lady bloggers.  In the next few weeks, I’ll share their blogs here with you too, I’m sure you’ll fall in love.  Until then, I’m off for a quick nap while Phoebe is at Kinder and Fynn is tucked up.

Bel x


Building the brave and putting myself out there

Anxiety and Panic Attacks…..I suffer from them, not as badly as others, but I do.  I’m not afraid to share this part of my life, it sometimes helps me do things I normally wouldn’t, if people know.  And it has made other people realize along my journey that they too are very much like me.

I’m not sure whether it is coming with age, but I am trying to build my brave lately.  Encouraging myself to get out there and do things that my panic attacks would normally prevent me (or more realistically, my brain is preventing me) from wanting to do.  Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant too….I find that when I am, and usually for the first year of bubo’s life, my attacks minimize, I have other things on my crazy mind.  Whatever it is, I’m currently grasping things with both hands and putting myself out there like never before!

A few weeks ago, I took a punt, I invited a kinder friend of Phoebe and his Mum (hello Brydie, I know you visit here sometimes x) around for a play-date.  The un-brave me would never do such a thing, never ever!!  But she seemed so lovely and I thought we would have some things in common.  So I bit the bullet….I asked, and they said yes.  They came over on Sunny Friday and stayed for hours.  We ate homemade scones and chatted while the kids played beautifully in the back yard.  It was the perfect morning, so nice, and anything but scary, anything but!

Next week I’ve been invited out with some lovely ladies, none of whom I have ever met.  Rather, each week I find out about them and get to know them through their blogs.  I put myself out there, I told them that one day too I’d like to join them for one of their dinners.  Never did I think that I might actually get invited.  When I did, I panicked, I truly did.  I’m still panicking if I’m going to be completely honest.  Questions swirl through my head and collide,  What if they don’t like me?  What if I make a fool out of myself?  What if I have nothing to talk about?  Maybe they’ll think my little bit of cyber-space is not that crash hot? What if I have a panic attack?   BREATH BEL, BREATHE!!

I’ve decided that the easy thing to do is to say that I can’t make it…. the easy thing to do, easy.  But easy has helped me miss out on some great things in the past, some great, fun, life changing things!  I’d love to make some new friends, a new circle that is just for me.  I would love to feel connected to a world I’m slowly becoming a part of.  I’m not sure how things will work out, but I guess I have to try.  So, I’m going to bite the bullet and I’m going to go.  I’m going to get in my car, drive to a house and get a lift into the city with someone who I have only ever communicated to through blog comments, tweets and instagram (which if you know me, not driving and getting a lift is a HUGE deal for me).  I’m going to sit down for dinner with a bunch of women I have not met in real life, and I’m going to see where it takes me……….

Have you tried to build your brave lately?

Bel x

Blog Reading: 2 Simple Steps

*As I’m in hospital today with my girl, here is a post I prepared earlier.

A year or so ago, most of my friends didn’t know what a blog was, let alone read any.  Times are a changin’ though.  My friends are visiting here, they are sometimes commenting, which I love!  Some have set up their own little place in where they write for them, for their kids or for others, awesome!  Many now have their own special blogs they have found along the way and love to read (but not effeciently and regularly maybe), so cool!.  I love it, I love it all!

So, for all my friends new to blog reading, here are the two ways that I keep in touch with my favourites!  First of all, I have a Google account (this is just my Yahoo mail login), which I then use to access Google Reader while I’m at home and have access to my computer.  This is the place where all my favourite blogs are bookmarked.  As a find a new place that I want to visit, I copy the URL and pop over to my Google Reader, click on the subscribe button, paste the URL and voila!!  This then means, whenever a new post is published on that blog, it will appear here.  I visit here each morning while Phoebe is still asleep, it tells me how many new blog posts I have to read, so I just click on “all items” and start reading my way through.  The only thing is, you can’t comment on a blog from here.  If you want to leave a comment, you will need to click on the blog title, which will then open it up in your browser like normal and you can comment away.  If I’m busy and want to comment later, I mark the post as unread and will come back to it when I have time.  It also allows you to star some of your favourite posts for future reference.

I also use my mobile phone a bit to access the blogs I read.  I’ve tried a few ways to do this and now have a new one which I am loving.  Same as Google Reader though, in order to comment, you will need to open the post in your browser to do so.  The App that I am currently using is called FeeddlerRSS which can be used on you phone and also iPads.  I’m loving the simplicity of it, and the ability to open the post in your browser to comment, the option to mark a post as unread and to favourite posts.  I’ve used it the last couple of mornings and it has been really effective and syncs each time you open it up.

So, there you go, two easy ways I keep in touch with all the blogs I read all in one convient place.  I know there are other ways out there, but these are the two I use regularly and find quite simply and easy.

Do you think this will help you keep track of the blogs you love?


The upside down Blog?

This blog is nearly ten months old, ten months!!  I started this one to fill in my time while Phoebe napped, and use it as my creative outlet.  But it seems my Blog is a little upside down, or back to front, or inside out, but whatever way it is, it’s a little different.  For most Bloggers out there it seems that their friends and some family don’t read their Blogs, or even know that they have one for that matter.  Me on the other hand, most of my readers at the moment are friends of mine.

I blog mindfully, I would never intentionally hurt anyones feelings on here, I talk mainly about me and my family.  I don’t write sensational posts about extremely debatable topics, and not because I don’t have an opinion, but I know I have thin skin and know that it may cause backlash that may upset me.  When I go to work, sometimes people will say something about my weekend, or Phoebe and I have to stop to think how the hell they know that……. but then I remember that they visit here!  I like that my friends read, visit and comment, and that maybe here they get to see a different side of me.  Hubby knows  I have a blog, he’s heard people mention it, I’m not sure if he really knows what it is or what I actually do here though!

I eventually want other readers to visit here too (I have a couple that already do), to join my little community of friends here.  I’m not sure how I am going to do it, I’m not sure at all.  I read some awesome blogs out there, who have thousands of visitors and a loyal community, and may even make a little money doing what they love.  But I just want the community.  I’ve seen it on Twitter, and it’s awesome how supportive, loyal and friendly everyone is.  Maybe one day I’ll have that too.  But until then, I’ll just keep writing on my little backwards blog!!

Bel x

Grey Clouds

I haven’t been here since last week, my mind is filled with thoughts swirling, all muddled up, my brain feels full of cotton wool!

I knew after the wedding, there would be a big sigh of relief, that all the organizing was over and done with, and that the day was as great as we wanted.  I also knew that after the sigh of relief, there would be calm and then I would would get bored.  Who am I kidding?  I love to organize!

Hubby and I on our wedding day!  Photo taken by Meghan Cook

I have thrown myself into organizing, anything really!  Our girls weekend (which reminds me, must get onto the Day Spa and the girls to organize treatments).  Looking at houses, a rental, which then turned into maybe a house for us, then, now, we don’t even know what we are doing!!  Our Familymoon is soon too, not much to organize there, except of course the packing and the mind preparation for myself in order to travel with limited panic attacks!  Plus other bits and pieces which I won’t mention.

So you can see, my mind is all over the place really (I think this post is almost them same).  I kind of feel like the Adam’s Family House, you know, the one with the big grey cloud hanging over it?  I know that it will float away soon, I know that I am going to have to take charge, reorganize and take control over my thoughts.  All is good, or will be.

So If I am not here regularly like I normally am, it’s probably because my mind is still swirling and I have forgotten temporarily about my place here.

What’s going on in your world?  Are you thoughts swirling like mine, or is your mind clear?

Bel x

New beginnings?

This is a test post of sorts.  I have been blogging on a different platform for years now, but of late many things over there have been erking me!  Everything from troubles to uploading photos, to having to log out and then in again to comment on other blogs I follow.  Then there is the debarkle of everytime I go to post it wont allow me unless I exit out and then go into to edit and try to re-upload.

So, I am here, giving it a read hot go.  Things look a lot different, it’s going to take me some time.  I may loose some readers but I may also gain.  I am hoping that I wont encounter the problems I am at the moment.  I have managed to import all my previous posts from the other platform onto here, so that’s a great start.

Stick around, lets see how I evolve and hopefully I blossom!

Bel x

Yes, this is my reality!

I’ve had a few blogs in the past, mainly for my Photography business, but I feel now is the time to take the plunge and have one just for me!  I’m starting for myself, hoping to get some readers along the way and start my own mini-community here.

Yes I am a Mum, but this is not just another Mummy Blog.  Will I talk about my daughter P, hell yes, of course, she’s the biggest part of my life!  But will that be it? Definitely not!  My realty consists of many things, and so to will this blog……
– I am not an expert on anything, this is just MY reality!
– I am a Mum to a 3 year old girl named P.
– I’ve joined the dirty 30 club!
– I am getting married in 4 months, holy cow, I’ve been saying for two months now “On Monday I’ll start exercising every day to feel better in my own skin for the wedding”.  Crap, I better start Monday!
– I am a daughter.
– I am a sister to S who has just had her first bub.
– I am an Aunty and a godmother.
– I am a Primary School teacher.
– I am a photographer, taking a break.
– I am a dreamer!
– I am a friend.

So welcome, share with your friends, comment away, I enjoy reading and responding to them.

B x