A portrait of my child/children once a week for 52 weeks.


You’re an outdoors girl at heart.  Rain, hail and shine, you love to escape into our backyard and make your own fun.  Yes you have toys, but I often find you making elaborate soups and potions, or sneaking a little rest in the hammock.

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Che and Fidel

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1/52 Photo a week

A portrait a week of my child and eventually children each Sunday, what a beautiful keepsake. Joining in and linking up with the beautiful blog of Jodi.Jodi

Watching Phoebe play with friends. I love doing this from a distance, listening to her wonderfully made up games and imagination.

Bel x

One hell of a week

It’s been one hell of a week here, so good, yet so tiring, so exciting and yet scary.  Tuesday night I had my big dinner with other bloggers which I wrote about here and didn’t arrive home into the wee hours of the morning.  The late night alone coupled with being pregnant and also the nervousness that came along with actually attending the event made me tired for the next few days.  However, I felt so invigorated, like what I am doing here might actually mean something in the greater world and that in fact I may finally begin to be forging new bonds with other people like me.

But if that wasn’t enough, I was lucky this week to also attend my first ever blogging event held by 360immerse and Target.  Once again, nerves and panic swept over me when I was first invited and I wasn’t sure I’d say yes.  But with some reassurance from some others, including hubby, I went along with Phoebe.  We had such an amazing morning viewing the new children’s clothing range from Target.  I was also lucky enough to meet some more beautiful bloggers and get to see what these events are actually like.

The Collette Dinnigan Ballet range is seriously all types of cute and pretty!!  Tutus, and soft colours, oh my!  If Bubba V is a girl, she’ll need to watch out, Mummy will be stocking up on this stuff!  Phoebe worked out what she wants to buy on the day, so a visit to Target is imminent in the next week or so.  It was also great to see a formal wear range for girls of all ages and at reasonable prices too.

The colours available at Target this summer include that of the rainbow and more.  And for once, despite not having a son, I was well and truly impressed with the boys collection.  I have and continue to be impressed by the quality of the clothes and durability.  There are many more exciting children’s wear products out for summer and Christmas, but these are the two that impressed me Phoebe and I the most.

Bel x

Disclosure: I was under no obligation whatsoever to write this post.  Phoebe and I had a wonderful morning and attended because we were already big fans of Target and wanted to see what new things were on offer.  We did however receive the costs of our transport and Target gift cards which was a really lovely surprise and we will enjoy spending on some of the new products we saw.

One week on

Today has been a week since Phoebe had her tonsils and adenoids out. It feels like just yesterday though, that I was holding her down on the operating theatre bed, her eyes pleading with me and screaming my name over and over whilst thrashing about. Thanks to my friends who prepared me for that bit, you told me it would by far be the worst thing, and it was, but because I was prepared I was so strong for her. I just kept holding her telling her that Mummy was here and that everything was going to be alright. I didn’t realise poor Hubby was actually watching through the door, helpless, wanting to cry and punch the guy who was holding the mask over her face. When I went to the waiting room, I wanted to cry, I so wanted to cry, but there were other Mum’s and Dad’s waiting to do the same thing, so instead, I continued to be strong and waited.

It took her most of the day to notice her hand, once she didn’t she wanted to know what the hell it was!  It stayed in until night time and the needle didn’t come out til home time.

The day of the op involved lots of sleeping, a few vomits, some visitors, tears and lots of hugs. Since then, my girl has been so brave and strong. She is eating normally with normal food, keeping up her fluids (including the perscribed coke) and is doing so well pain wise only surviving with panadol, and never once has she complained or cried yet. I’ve been waiting for her to hit the brick wall of pain that I have been told about, but it has yet to happen, I still wait for it though.

After a rough start the morning we were due to come home, they finally released her and all she wanted was Subway.  Your wish is my command!

It’s hard to tell a kid of four that they need to rest, so we nap like we normally do and today we are at home having a quiet day. We’ll watch some television, play dolls quietly and do some crafts. She talks but nowhere near as much as she usually does, which if you know her you know shes a talker, it’s weird that the house is so quiet. And when she does talk, her voice is different, chipmunk like, and that’s going to take getting used to.

I’m glad it’s all over, I’m glad she is home with us where she should be and I can take care of her. This week, I know for sure that I was made to be her Mum.

What are you up to this week while I’m at home with my girl?

Bel x

Hand Holding

In two days time, I wont be here in my home like a normal Wednesday, I wont be dropping Phoebe at kinder like I normally do, there wont be the morning rush and I wont be looking after Fynn either.  Instead, Hubby has the day off and early in the morning we will drive to the hospital with our little girl, ready to hold her hand while she gets her tonsils and adenoids out.

People go through a lot worse with their kids, and I mean alot worse.  I know what happens out there, I don’t live in a bubble and I’m not oblivious to it.  I’m not sure how those Mum’s and Dad’s do it, regularly, they are strong, or know the tricks to ‘act’ strong for their little ones and maybe fall apart in privacy.  But the fact remains, no one wants to see their baby in pain, and in two days time, we’ll be in that place.

Phoebe has decided that she wants me to be the one to go into the theatre with her and for me to be the one to stay the night.  I’m happy to do both.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of good friends who have prepared me for what it might be like (I don’t normally name names but thanks Nicole, Kim, Yvette and Rachael).  Hubby then joked “why am I having the day off then?”, he wants to take her in, I’d be happy for that too, believe me, they tell me that’s the hardest part.  But instead I told him, he’ll need to hold my hand, and I’ll need to hold his, then together we will appear strong enough and be able to hold hers through it all.

We arrive at 7am, and we don’t know how long the wait will be.  I’ve been told it goes by the youngest, and knowing he doesn’t operate on kids until they are four, I’m hoping we wont have to wait to long.  She has to stay the night, I will stay by her side. She has picked out some new pjamas for her stay and I have bought her a special present for when all is done (something to sleep with, that I know she’ll love). I’m greatful my growing baby belly isn’t too big as it would make the stay even more uncomfortable.  And then I have the whole next week off.

I don’t doubt that her recovery will be hard at times and I know from past experience that all she’ll want is her Mum, I’m prepared for that.  I’ll lay in bed with her if I have to, the hell to housework.  I’ve told hubby to leave his ipad though so I don’t go completely batty from watching the Little Mermaid and other wonderful kids movies over and over again!!

So, if it is quiet here the next week or so, and my maternity post doesn’t appear like it has every Friday in the past, you know why.

Bel x

School Holiday Activity – The Drive-ins!

I’m lucky enough that being a teacher, I get to spend the school holidays with my girl!  I try to maximise the quality time we spend together and usually try to plan a couple of outtings, a few catch ups with friends, a night away and some days at home.  Our first school holiday outing these holidays, I decided was to be the drive-ins.

I’d never been before, ever.  I was pretty excited!  We headed there for a 7pm showing of Madagascar 3 but didn’t tell Phoebe where we were going.  During the day I’d already organised the boot of our station wagon with pillows, doonas and our slippers.  I was suprised how busy it was for a Monday night, even being the school holidays.  Once we explained where we were, she was so excited!

We reversed the car up towards the screen, Phoebe and I asumed our positions while Hubby went and got us dinner from the Diner (BUT you can also SMS your orders through and they bring it to your car, amazing huh?).  Now, realistically, this is not a pricey affair for a family, especially if you go on a Monday night.  We had to pay for Hubby and I, which I think ammounted to $17 (I think we could even pay an extra $5 and stay for the movie after ours).  A car load of people is capped at $20.  If we were on a tight budget, we would have had dinner before we came, and taken our own drinks and snacks.  But because we’d never been before, we wanted to experience it all.  We all had dinner plus the normal movie food, popcorn, choc tops and coke, for around $45.  Considering we all had dinner, I didn’t think it was too bad.

Next time, although it wasn’t too cold, we’ll take beanbags instead and sit outisde with our doonas, the bottom of a boot isn’t that comfy, no matter how you try to pad it up (you can tell there are some seasoned drive-inners out there, some of the setups were amazingly well thought out).  I will put Phoebe in her pj’s, I thought I was silly if I did, but when I got there I realised I was the silly one for not doing it.  All the kids were walking around in their pj’s, dressing gowns and slippers (glad we at least took the slippers, we kinda fit in).  And we’ll probably take our own drinks and snacks and have tea before we go.

It was a great family night out (Magagascar was a good movie even for us adults).  So what do you have planned for these school holidays?  I love going to new places with the family, so throw me your favourite!

Bel x

Tea Party

With a big family (on Hubby’s side anyway), Phoebe’s birthday is always a big celebration.  I always try to have a little party for her though, with a couple of our close friends kids.  To minimise numbers even more this year, Phoebe decided on a girls only tea party.  Love!

Pink was also a big theme.  I’m not sure exactly when it became her favourite colour but for her it was a must.  Teacups and Teapots sourced from the local Kmart.  I did try op shops for some nice vintage looking ones, but man they were expensive.

The beautiful birthday girl.  The toadstools were great, as each child arrived, they sat over here with Phoebe and had a photo.

And the spread!  Afternoon tea for the girls, including pink lemonade and lots of delicious sweets (the Mum’s had to taste test aswell).

And what’s a party without a chocolate fountain?  It was a big hit with the girls (and their faces and dresses).  The fruit went quicker than the lollies, very impressive.

And the beautiful, scrumptious cake, which I wish I could say I made.

Party Info:

Teacups and Teapots, Kmart

Chocolate fountain, toadstools, kids tables and chairs, Melbourne Full of Air

Cake, CJ Sweet Treats (she also makes beautiful macarons).

Party games, ribbon and lolly bags, all from Spotlight

Even though it was a huge and tiring weekend, the main thing was that Phoebe had a wonderful time with her close friends AND the sun was shining, what a great day for a tea party outside!

Bel x


My little baby is growing up.  It has happened fast just like everyone tells you it will when your pregnant but don’t necessarily believe.  She’s four in a few weeks time.  Her hair is long, very long.  It touches her bum and she’s never had it cut (unless you count the time where her and her friend nearly shaved eachother’s heads, luckily we caught them in the act with only a few strands missing).  It’s a drama most mornings to brush, blood curdling screams, tears gallore, begging and a head that wont stop moving.

And so last weekend, she had her first hair cut.  Of course the photographer and Mummy in me wanted and needed to document it all.  Excuse some of the photos which may be grainy, I was indoors and it was at night, so the lighting wasn’t ideal.  Here she is, my big girl, getting her first ever hair cut from a dear friend of ours.

She was brave and amazingly didn’t talk throughout the whole process.  Her hair instantly looked healthier and is much easier to brush.

Bel x

Dinosaurs and Teepees

I’m trying to have some real fun with Phoebe on Fridays, you know, instead of the mundane like going up the street, cleaning the house.  Soon, I will be looking after my nephew Fynn on my days off, so I want to have things set up for Phoebe and I to still have great fun together so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on ‘Mum’ time.

This afternoon, we spent it outside.  Yes the days are getting much cooler, but when the sun is shining, like today, we try to get out.  I bought these eggs from Kmart today, which I was actually going to make myself, I have a recipe, but I couldn’t pass these up for a measley $1 each.

We started work on it together, chipping away at the clay, hoping to find our dinosaur inside.  After Phoebe knew what she was doing, I pulled washing off the line above the table she was sitting at and hung out another.  I stopped every now and again to help her out.  We made a good start, but it is hard work, so we will chip away again tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, our backyard resemebled a jungle.  It was lush and green with plants aplenty, but seriously, Phoebe and her friends were struggling to find the play gym, let along get onto it.  We hired a skip (actually three in the end) and cut back everything (and by we, I mean Hubby).  Granted, we may have gone a little overboard, but with winter coming up, I am sure they will be back to their huge sizes in no time.  But today, it meant Phoebe and I could use some of the bigger off cuts and make a tee-pee!

Hopefully the blue skies stick around for a while longer.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, even if it just was in the backyard!

Enjoy your weekend!!  What are your plans?

Bel x


Everyone has a picture in their head of what other people are like.  I often read other mummy blogs and photographers blogs around the place, and marvel at them.  Wow, they do so much with their kids, look at that crafty activity, baking mmmm baking, another cool outing!  And so I begin creating a picture, usually of this awesome Mum who spends so much quality time with her kids, doing amazing things with them and savouring the moments.

We love playing outdoors.  We do it all the time (but the secret is, I also manage to hang out the washing, yep, you heard it here).

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend once about this did I realize that my picture is probably way off.  Considering she thought that I was one of those Mums!!  She honestly thought my day consisted of activity after activity with Phoebe.  Ummmmm no!

Phoebe loves painting, she’d do it all the time if she could.

I’ll be completely honest, my days at home are not like that at all!  I work three days a week and unfortunately my household doesn’t run itself (as much as I wish it would).  By the time I do all the ‘stuff’ that has to be done, it’s maybe mid-morning/lunchtime.  We visit friends and then before I know it, it’s usually nap time (yes Phoebe is three and a half and still has a nap).

Oh yay, an outing with and a cute lil pony to boot.

Don’t get me wrong, I do plan activities sometimes to do with Phoebe (I have a really cool one that I want to do this week with her), but in the scheme of things, it’s probably only an hour out of my day.  It’s what you do with the other ‘moments’ that count I think.  And maybe because I am a teacher, this comes easier to me.

 Our Easter activity, dying eggs.

In teaching we talk a lot about how every moment can be a ‘teachable’ one.  You can use this in your home, you don’t necessarily need ‘activities’.  For instance, for some unknown reason to me, Phoebe is quite upset when it rains at the moment.  So we have been talking a lot about the weather, how rain is made, the seasons and what is good about each of them.  We go out and watch the clouds, check the weather forecast, and guess what the temperture might be today.  Now, I haven’t done an ‘activity’ but we are learning, we are talking and exploring together.  This week I plan on buying a rain gauge that we can look at and record rainfall.  We are going to replant her planter box with more carrots.  I wouldn’t consider these to be activities though, to me, these are everyday moments in our life.

What?  Another outing?  Exploring the rock pools at our caravan (the permanent one).

The reason I wrote this long winded post is that hopefully people will start looking at what they do with their kids, and realize how much they actually do do and how much their kids are getting out of them!!  Mum’s have a lot on their plates, it’s the biggest job in the world.  If you fit in an activity too, well done, but if not, I’m sure you spent time with your child anyway.  And sometimes the pictures you create in your head about other people are a bit off.

So let me know, what’s one thing you did today with your child, activity or not?

Bel x