Life’s not just a beach

Unfortunately life is not always a beach, yep, you read it here! After nearly three weeks of camping, the reality of this begins to set in. Life isn’t all beaches, warm summers days, thongs and lounging around in bathers. Nor is it endless late dinners and bed times or lazy sleep-ins.

My biggest focus when we get home is our night time routine, which has been seriously lacking for months now. A combination of Hubby working late, even later dinners and bedtimes, as well as daylight savings and warm nights, has meant our night time routine was long ago thrown out the window.

With Bubba V due to arrive in a couple of months and Phoebe to start four year old kinder in a few weeks, I want to get us back into some sort of routine and have it down pat, stat!

I want to cook more dinners or at the very least get the preparation done so that our dinners can be at a reasonable time (let’s see if Hubby will let go of this a little). I want to have bags packed, clothes out and lunches made for the next day, a flexible dinner time, bath time as well as a set bed time for Phoebe.

I’m not sure if I’m setting the bar too high or not? Hubby seems to be on board, but I know I’m going to have to put the pressure on sometimes.

So what I want to know is, do you have a night time routine? What are the main things you concentrate on and what would be your tips?



Living out my dream

If I wasn’t a teacher, I either wanted to be a Park Ranger or an Interior Designer.  Park Ranger because I love being out in the bush, and Interior Designer because I always love changing things around in the house and my room.  I love the thrill of changing furniture around and adding need textiles to create a new space ……. not saying I’m good at it though.

In the next few months, I will be turning Interior Designer when the new playroom/study shell is complete.  I have taken this opportunity to design the room with all the furnishings I want/need.  Our house is teeny, with only 3 bedrooms and one open plan living area, hence why we are making this extra space (to fit in Bubba V and still have a study/playroom space).  The rest of our house is mainly dark wood, but in this new room, I’m going for white and brighter colors.  The room will be airy and have loads of natural light but I also have to squeeze a lot into this space.  This room will house ALL the toys, ALL of my study which includes books, looks of books.

So Ikea and Pinterest are my current friends.  I’ve researched and collected all the things I want in the room over the last few months, I haven’t rushed into it.  So what do you think?  Is it too white?  I’m trying to tie the room in with the rest of the house by using the cane storage boxes, plus we will have a chocolate brown sofa-bed in there too.

1.  Expedit Shelving Unit from Ikea – I’m using this one inbetween the two bigger ones.  It will have the TV on it and all DVD’s etc inside.

2.  Expedit Insert with Drawers, Ikea – for all those DVD’s, portable DVD players, chargers and cords.

3.  Melltorp Dining Table, Ikea  – this will be my new desk.  I already have a white filing cabinent which should fit perfectly underneath.

4.  Ringum Rug from Ikea – this will be to protect the floorboards from the desk chair and add some colour.

5.  Reidar Chair, Ikea – not 100% sure on this yet for desk chair.

6.  Expedit Shelving Unit, Ikea – having two of these babies on the sides of the smaller one.  This will house ALL toys in the house.

7.  Branas Basket, Ikea – to hide away all the toys, dress ups and knick-knacks.

I also need to get some little colour co-ordinated bits and pieces for my new desk space.  I already have some polaroids printed that I will display above the desk and am in the process of wording my own playroom posters with the help of my sister.  So c’mon, tell me what you think?

Bel x

Life Changes

I mentioned briefly in another Post that I am now looking after my nephew on my day’s off while my sister goes back to work.  It’s meant that things have changed around here for me and for Phoebe.  For instance, our Friday mornings used to consist of a sleep in, a leisurley breakfast in bed, sometimes often followed by a day in our pj’s or visiting friends.  The sleep ins are gone, and yes, of course I will miss them.  But  I think having little Fynn around has made me more organised around the house.

For instance, the boy is now on the move, not full on crawling yet, but the commando type.  When I had Phoebe, we had a carpeted house, now we have floor boards all bar the bedrooms.  They get messy quick.  So now when Fynn comes over, I get up at my normal work time, I sweep the floors and make sure Phoebe hasn’t left any little bits and pieces around (like babrie tiaras, lip gloss lids and dress up earrings) and whack on a load of washing.  While the kids are eating breakfast, I dust, tidy and make beds.  And when he naps in the morning, I hang out and bring in washing.

I feel like I accomplish a lot.  I don’t have the chance to be lazy, which sometimes, I choose to do, every Mum needs a break occasionally lets face it!  I’m sure there will be days and weeks where the novalty completely wears off and I get nothing at all done.  But for now, I am enjoying being busy, having a clean and tidy house.

Bel x

Save me!

This is what happens when we head away for a weekend….

Mt Washmore!! Despite our fun, relaxing and much needed weekend away, I’m now left to pick up the pieces (or do the bloody washing more like it!). I’m trapped currently at the bottom of Mt Washmore, I’m slowly scrambling my way to the top.

I’ve lit the fire, it’s a crappy day outside. I have an hour to get this pile put away and more loads hung before I pick Phoebe up for kinder.

How’s your day shaping up?
Bel x

The mood

The change in the weather is here.  The mornings are enveloped in a warm sunny glow, which is decieving as poke your foot from underneath the covers to find a crisp coolness.  Although it isn’t winter, the weather change is well and truly upon on us, and not just in the ‘weather’ sense but also in the ‘mood’ sense.

I do love winter, it means we light the fire, get in our pj’s early (usually as soon as we get home), snuggle up on the couch with blankets and night ins take precidence over nights out.  But this time of year initially puts me in a bit of a rut, a mood if you will.  For some reason at this time I long for space, and the fresh air that the bush can give.  I don’t live in the bush, I live in suburbia and unless I win tattslotto, that aint going to change anytime soon.  So yesterday I decided to go with it, if I can’t live in the country, I’ll bring a bit of it to me.  New doona cover (quilt style) purchased, bedroom spring cleaned, books at the ready and my new space was made!

This morning I woke up and read some of my book, something I haven’t done in a while.  I even did it before I headed to the land of nod last night.  I hope this feeling doesn’t pass and my small space can continue to make me a little happier.  I know some of my friends on the interwebs are feeling similar to me at the moment, so how are you planning to life your mood?

Bel x

Give me five

This post contains ranting, raving and some course language.

Please give Mummy five minutes, I’m about to loose my shit!  I’ve woken up this morning, and everything has piled on my shoulders and I’m about to drop my bundle!

1.  I’m sure I left the kitchen tidy before I headed out to get my hair chopped off last night, but this morning, it looks like we had a party, oh which I was not obviously invited to!

2.  I’m sorry, did I ask you to leave a pile of clothes in the corner of the room, for me to play the game of “what to hang and which is clean, what to put in the washing machine?”.

3.  Phoebe I love you dearly but I am sure you watched me go through your whole wardrobe two days ago and refold everything, how they hell does it now look like for the past year I’ve opened your wardrobe and just chucked things in?

4.  How is it possible to loose 3 shoes, all from different pairs and not know where your runners are?  Our house is only 13 sqaures, do we have shoe-eating monster I didn’t know about?

5.  Why is the playroom floor littered in rubbish, isn’t there a bin under the desk?

6.  Why when I swept the floor boards Wednesday does it now look like someone has let off a confetti bomb?

7.  How is the microwave full of your crap, when you have a basket next to it with all your crap in it?  Oh that’s right, the crap is over filling, just put it there, don’t clean out the first basket.

8.  Leave that empty cordial bottle on the bench, no worries, I’ll fill it!

9.  You know that big white thing under the sink?  I’m pretty sure its called a dish washer, and you guessed it, it washes dishes, maybe you should try it!

10.  Don’t forget the dining table can also be used to put your crap on, once of course the basket of crap is full and the microwave too.

11.  Why must you insist on wearing your bathers as a netball uniform, isn’t that what dress-ups are for?

And  ………….. breath, in and out!  It’s only eleven and and I think I need a drink!  Is there any point in ranting and raving?  Probably not.  What about not doing anything today to prove a point?  Nah, that wont work either, just means more to do tomorrow.  Instead, I guess I will suck it up!  Watch some day time TV and in between, clean up this bomb site that I call my house.

Rant over!  Thanks for listening!

Bel x


My house annoys the crap out of me!

I have these moments in my everyday day life, where the walls of my house seem to creep in on me or I get the feeling that they are. My home will annoy me, the clutter, the toys, the lack of storage and the tiny spaces. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe, I need to be in the open, where the trees sway and the air is fresh and clean. And then I visit friends houses and the problem seems to be compounded, beautiful furniture, large open spaces, clean and crisp design.

So I day dream of having a slightly larger house on a small property, nothing too extreme. Where I could start from scratch and really think about our furniture choices and layouts of the rooms. Of a beautiful veggie patch out the back for V and P to grow things in, and some chooks to to lay our eggs. But at the end of the day, unless I win Tattslotto, that ‘aint going to happen.

Then reality kicks in, I do love our 13 square home that we built (lets face it, I don’t want to have more to clean!), I love our location, I love that our friends and family are so close and that we

are in a quiet Court. We do have a small veggie patch in the yard, and our garden is lush with beautiful trees, I just need to use that as my escape into fresh air. And let’s face it, although we could afford a bigger mortgage for that bigger house, it would mean no camping trips and no caravan at the beach!

*Our little Herb Garden.

So instead of dreaming (ok, I’ll admit, I will still dream of winning the lotto, but then again who doesn’t?) I clean, I reorganize and I think about how I can make things more comfortable for us and so that I can breathe. I’ll make a list of the things that I could do/buy to make things better.

*Part of our backyard (including kids toys!).

1. I would like a smaller dining table, ours sits eight and is a huge rectangular hunk of wood, I would rather a square one that seats 6.
2. Some new light fittings would be nice, we still have the crappy ones from the day we moved in.
3. A new oven would be lovely too!
4. Declutter all rooms!
5. Get rid of some of the furniture in P’s room, it makes it seem even smaller!
5. Use some of the ideas I have gathered from Pinterest for storage ideas, like this, so simple and easy but yet so great:

Is it just me that gets this feeling? I feel a little crazy about it some times!