Self Portrait Maternity – 31 weeks

Today we ended our camping trip, packed up the caravan and headed home after two and a half relaxing weeks! I almost forgot today’s post but remember while sitting here waiting to see my Doctor for my check up (my appointment was at 5pm and it is now 8pm and I’m still waiting). So I ducked off to the loo and used the mirror to take today’s selfie, very classy indeed!

I’m still so very relaxed after our time away, relaxing has meant my pelvis feels pretty good and my ankles haven’t been swelling that much, which is great considering the hot weather!

Bubba V continues to sit mostly on my right side, making sitting sometimes a little uncomfortable. I’m still loving all the movements and watching them but have noticed the nightly ones have changed times. I used to get movement around 9:30pm and then again at 11:30pm and 2:30 but now I get a big dies around 10:30. I wonder if these will end up being feed times, which I’d what happened with Phoebe?

Names may have been sorted and we are talking more about the details of Bubba V’s arrival, like where will Phoebe go, will we travel at Easter like we normally do and the nursery preparation.

This week has slid by casually, my health has been good (apart from a migraine over the stinking hot days) and the weather has been much kinder. I’m daydreaming more and thinking less, which makes relaxing all the more easier.

Bel x


Self Portrait Maternity – 30 weeks

30 weeks! The count down is on! Today I’m sitting outside our caravan on a 40 degree day, today I finally know what all those women meant when they said they struggled over summer being pregnant. Today there is no relief, the sun is beating down hot and we have a big northerly gusts bringing more hot air. I’m a tad grumpy, I have a headache and to move is such a bloody effort.

Move I will for a few things only, drinks (although hubby has been awesome and will bring them to me. To walk to the toilet block, which thankfully is across the road but still a huge effort on a day like today (and believe me, there are lots of trips due to the amount of liquid I’m consuming!). I just also came back from the beach which was ah-mazing, but walking back up the dunes with my pelvis was a task! Luckily we have a portable shower hooked up to the hose that we run instead of going to the beach, this has seriously been my saving grace!

I’m loving spending my days in all my dresses from Bali that Hubby’s sister bought for me and my jeans west shorts. Summery drinks like lemon lime bitters, agrum blood orange and of course orange crush cordial. I’ve demolished a block of top deck chocolate in two days, which I will need to replace sneakily too!

I’ve been the most relaxed I have been in ages. Although I’ve been going to bed late, I’m sleeping well and almost through the night. I’ve read a book and onto my second and take every chance to put my feet up. I’ve also been having a nap most afternoons with Phoebe which I love!

Names are being thrown around, most of mine are rejected and laughed at but I think we are making progress. When we get home, I will begin setting up Bubba V’s room, how exciting!

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 29 weeks

Ahhh bliss, holidays have arrived! We have celebrated Hubby’s birthday Christmas Eve, Christmas with family and then started our long awaited holiday! I just love this time of year, don’t you?

My body and mind are in relaxation mode, and will remain here for a few weeks yet. Some days my body feels better than others, I’m just taking each day as it comes and trying to do all the right things (which includes listening to my body when it screams enough).

Thoughts are turning to baby names and Bubba V’s arrival. I bought some items today, something I have yet to really do. Work is a distant memory and despite the fact that I’ll return for a few days next year, my mind has already turned to excitement at being a stay at home mum again.

My mind now wanders to our future as a family of four, excitement and worry can intertwine but I know it is all completely normal. I could spend hours just watching the movements of my belly and feeling Bubba V kick, I know from the past it is something to enjoy and something I’ll deeply miss.

Until next week, enjoy time with your loved ones, I sure am!

Bel x

Self-Portrait Maternity – 28 weeks

Last week of work before holidays is done and dusted!!! I’ve been run off my feet but seem to be running on adrenaline and not too tired…..just yet that is!

My body has held up really well this week, seeing the Osteo weekly and be vigilant with wearing my support belt seems to be making the difference.

This week was also my last week of looking after Fynn, I was a but emotional about it I must say. Actually, this week has been full of emotional ups and downs.

This is a rushed post and it’s late, you know, the holiday season excitement took my mind to other places. I’m not sure if I’ll visit my lil blog space for the next couple of days, I’m going to enjoy family time and a much needed rest. I hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday full of wonderful memories to keep!

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 27 weeks

I have a slight problem this week, the playroom is almost done and everything has been moved in, it’s seriously looking awesome (so that is obviously NOT the problem). But when I moved my computer in a couple of days ago, my wireless doesn’t seem to be strong enough and every time I open the Internet and go to click on something it freezes! So I’m left with a dilemma, how to take photos and edit them, as well as how to Blog without moving the computer again!

Blogging from my phone can be difficult and very frustrating but that is what I’m doing right now, whilst sitting in a waiting room during my glucose test. I’m blogging here mainly to keep my mind off how I’ll I’m feeling right now, how I feel hot and bloated and the need to vomit keeps washing over me. I hope it’ll be over soon, I haven’t looked at the clock, I’m too scared.

This week has been my second last week before holidays begin and it has been a busy one! And because of this, almost everything on my to do list for work is still there!! I still have to pack my belongings and tie up loose ends, so that will be my last week.

My body coped well for a few days after seeing the Osteo and wearing the support belt. But early in the week, the pain came back with vengeance. Weekly visits to the Osteo and taking it easy should see me through, let’s hope so anyway, or else I may be looking at crutches and finishing work much earlier than expected.

Bubba V is on the move constantly now, which I love, and Hubby finally felt movement yay! Bubs doesn’t seem to like the belt and often kicks me right where it sits. Phoebe loves watching the movements, it’s like a game!

I’m really craving holidays, being away with family and friends, enjoying nothingness and resting. I hope you are all traveling along well x

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 25 weeks

Another milestone (I like 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 25 weeks, 30 weeks, 35 weeks and of course the big 40 weeks!).  Some days I still can’t believe I’m pregnant (apart from the physical signs of course) and others, baby kicks me so hard I am jolted and reminded again.

This week, Phoebe actually ‘saw’ Bubba V move inside my tummy.  He/she gave the biggest kick, and without me reacting, Phoebe knew exactly what had happened.  She was so excited!  Apart from my sister and I, no one else has been able to feel Bubba V move yet.  I really can’t wait til Hubby can feel the movements too!  There are definitely times of the day or after I eat certain things that Bubba V is more alert, like around 9pm when I go to bed, or straight after I eat ice-cream.

Pregnancy insomnia has set in.  No matter how exhausted I am after my days events, I jump into bed and sleep just wont come until about 11pm.  Then I am awake aroun 2:30am, which was the same when I was pregnant with Phoebe and ended up being one of her most prominent feed times.  My pelvis is giving me great grief this week, I feel as though I have been kicked over and over again by a bloke wearing steel cap boots.  I stuggle like an old woman to get out of seats and bed, and walk with a very well defined waddle.

Although I know I am growing, I feel as though my belly is staying the same.  I hear a lot of people say with their second they pop out quickly and then plateu out for a while.  It hasn’t stopped people telling me how huge I am though and really, I’m quite over it.  Seriously, every body is different and there are MUCH nicer ways to say things.  And while we are on the topic, yes ok, I guess I am still a bit emotional!!

The playroom is almost complete.  Hubby has worked his arse off every night after work.  He’s tired, I can see it, but he wants it done before Christmas and well, that isn’t too far away now.  Once completed, a big clean out of toys, the study and of Phoebe’s room (along with a little revamp).

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 24 weeks

Bare with me, I’m writing this post from my iPhone whilst lying in bed. Two late nights this week have started taking it’s toll on this mumma.

The week has flown! Lots of preparation for Bubba V’s arrival with the playroom nearly finished and Ikea flat packs being put together.


This week I seem to be traveling along quite well, ask me how I am after the few hot days we have coming up. Bubba V seems to like only kicking me on my right side at the moment but I savor each one. My pelvis is still giving me grief, some days worse than other. I love that my belly is becoming more rounded now too.


Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 22 weeks

I completely forgot my 22 week picture last week in the haze that was staying at home with Phoebe, not working and enjoying every second of it!!  So here it is, taken by my sister over the weekend while we were all enjoying a beautiful day at the park.

I’m feeling Bubba V move alot more this week and I can see and feel him/her from the outside too, which is so cool, I love it!  The bump is getting a little rounder and I am slowly feeling more confident wearing tighter clothes.

I really enjoyed my week at home with Phoebe just plodding around the house, and it gave me lots of time to think about how to stay connected to her when Bubba V arrives.  Phoebe will be at 4 year Kinder next year, which I know she will love and will thrive on.  She will be there for 2 full days and one half day, this will make good time for Bubba V and I to have some quality one on one time.  I’ve already planned that on Phoebe’s one half day at kinder, that will be our afternoon together, crafting, playing, going for a coffee or even to the movies.  It will be our special time together, just the two of us.  I know she will love it and so will I.

The talk of names is starting to heat up and hopefully over the Christmas break when we are nice and relaxed, we can narrow the list to a top two for each.  The new playroom is coming along beautifully.  I’m so proud of Hubby and the hard work he puts in at work and then at home.  Floor boards will be laid in two weeks time, which means Ikea, here I come!!

I’m back to loving orange crush cordial and ginger bread again, and spending little snippets of time alone.  My emotions and back in check, although I am starting to feel my tolerance levels are becoming lower with people around me (luckily my family isn’t included in this yet).  I’m also loving the warmer weather, however I’m not sure how I will cope during the ‘real’ summer that is approaching (Phoebe was a winter baby).

So there it is, my 22 week catch up.  Stay tuned in a few days time for week 23.  What are you loving at the moment (pregnant or not)?

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – Week 21

This week has been less about Bubba V and more about Phoebe and her operation. We came home yesterday, and at the moment she is traveling along nicely. Thank you all for the online support too, it was greatly appreciated.


This picture was when we hit a rough patch in hospital. This was the only comfortable and comforting position for her to rest. Bubba V was gently kicking around, I’m sure concerned about her too.

Although my mind has been elsewhere this week, I’m enjoying Bubba V’s kicks and sure it won’t be long before hubby and Phoebe can feel them too. My belly is becoming fuller (and less jelly like). Although it has been a taxing week emotionally, I’m traveling along well.

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 20 weeks

Half way!!!  Sorry the post is a little late, Phoebe and I decided to have a nice pjama day yesterday and then we headed off in the afternoon to see Bubba V on the big screen.  My blog also turned one yesterday and I missed it, completely missed it!!  But I suppose that it has been fitting that I have been pondering my little place the last few days, it looks like a name change is on the cards and a bit of a make-over.  I love what I have done here, and it will all stay, I just feel like I’ve outgrown the name and need something that incompasses all that I write and may write in the future.

Photos done quickly and courtesy of Camer+ app.  I’ve been feeling good this week, not too tired at all and my pelvis has been behaving mostly.  Chuck in a couple of cleaning frenzies, one down at our caravan and one at home.  Not only did it involve cleaning top to toe but also moving large pieces of furniture by myself, tsk tsk.  Bubba V is moving around alot move, and last night, despite the fact that no one can feel bub move yet, I could SEE movement in my belly!!  I love this part of pregnancy, the kicking and the moving, it gives me a sense of calm and knowing things are ok.

This pregnancy however, I feel as though I am more emotional.  Little things seem to be getting to me and almost bringing me to tears.  I wasn’t like this with Phoebe, although Hubby may beg to disagree.

Bubba V was very uncooperative for the 20 week scan.  Things are looking great but I need to go back in a week or two for some final measurements.  If we had’ve wanted to find out the sex, it wouldv’e been impossible anyway.  If baby was in a bedroom, it would have been hiding in the tiny wardrobe, on it’s belly and all curled up.  I’m looking froward to another scan.

Bel x