Goodbye 2012, hello new year

It’s been a big year, I’m sure you’ll all agree and one that has passed us by quickly….or is that because we are just getting older? This year saw us get married after 12 years together and four glorious ones with Phoebe part of our life. We venture off on a beautiful family-moon to Hamilton Island and returned home to find out we were pregnant with our second child. Life has been good.

I’m beginning to learn more about myself and my limits, about those who I have surrounded myself with and what matters most. I’m climbing out of my shell more and more, and have started putting myself out there. I’m beginning to connect with other bloggers and attend dinners and events, something i never would have done in the past ….. and hopefully friendships will build further from this. I’ve learnt that I need to start putting myself first more too and also return to my love of photography which I have neglected this year too much for my liking.

I’ve never been too big on making resolutions for the new coming year or keeping them. This year I’m going to set some goals, mini projects if you will. Success or failure, will not exist, it will all be about how I feel. So without further ado, some of my goals:

Cooking, hubby is the cook in our house, he loves it, is good at it and he thinks I’m not good at it. But with his work, this year we seemed to be eating later and later, pushing Phoebe’s bedtime later and later. Our night time routine has gone out the window and I want to get it back, especially before Bubba V arrives. With me starting maternity leave in the new year and being home for 2013, I want to start cooking more, exploring new meals for our family too.

Photography has still been part of my life this year but I’ve lacked the time to enjoy it as much. I previously have. I’d love to do a 52 week project, but don’t want to overcommit myself with my. New role as a mother of two. Instead, I will endeavour to pick my camera up weekly, enjoy my surrounds but not be all consumed by spending all my time behind they camera.

It’s about me too next year, I’m not going to turn all selfish like but at times this year, I have felt like I’ve put others before myself but sometimes at the expense of myself. I still want to remain the caring, compassionate person I believe myself to be, but I want to be heard to. I want spend time here to release my love of writing, photography and connection. I want to read more, not just magazines and blogs when I get time, but real paper books that ooze the aroma I love.

Get away, we have a caravan down the beach however I rarely venture their without hubby. There are varied reasons for this but it is a beautiful escape that I need to start taking more advantage of.

Embrace the moment, too easily in the last few years my calm has gone, I find myself getting frustrated and at the end of my tether too quickly. In the past I was never like this, I was calmer and took each moment as it came, I want to get back to this, for me, hubby and the kids.

Move it, when Bubba V has arrived and I am recovered, I can’t wait to start moving again, this unstable pelvis business is doing my head in now! The plan is to start with walking short distances and building up, then slowly adding in some jogging and building from there. I’ve never been too big into fitness but I’m really looking forward to changing that next year.

I have other thoughts swirling in my head too, but if you have been regular visitor here, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of really long posts, so i’ll finish it there. I’d like to take this opportunity now to thank all of you who visit here, over on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and comment when you visit. It pleases me to no end that finally I’m starting to build my own little community here and I hope to continue to connect with you in the new year.

On an end note, do you have a resolution, a project or goals you have set yourself next year? I’d love to hear about them!

Bel x


Self Portrait Maternity – 29 weeks

Ahhh bliss, holidays have arrived! We have celebrated Hubby’s birthday Christmas Eve, Christmas with family and then started our long awaited holiday! I just love this time of year, don’t you?

My body and mind are in relaxation mode, and will remain here for a few weeks yet. Some days my body feels better than others, I’m just taking each day as it comes and trying to do all the right things (which includes listening to my body when it screams enough).

Thoughts are turning to baby names and Bubba V’s arrival. I bought some items today, something I have yet to really do. Work is a distant memory and despite the fact that I’ll return for a few days next year, my mind has already turned to excitement at being a stay at home mum again.

My mind now wanders to our future as a family of four, excitement and worry can intertwine but I know it is all completely normal. I could spend hours just watching the movements of my belly and feeling Bubba V kick, I know from the past it is something to enjoy and something I’ll deeply miss.

Until next week, enjoy time with your loved ones, I sure am!

Bel x

Self-Portrait Maternity – 28 weeks

Last week of work before holidays is done and dusted!!! I’ve been run off my feet but seem to be running on adrenaline and not too tired…..just yet that is!

My body has held up really well this week, seeing the Osteo weekly and be vigilant with wearing my support belt seems to be making the difference.

This week was also my last week of looking after Fynn, I was a but emotional about it I must say. Actually, this week has been full of emotional ups and downs.

This is a rushed post and it’s late, you know, the holiday season excitement took my mind to other places. I’m not sure if I’ll visit my lil blog space for the next couple of days, I’m going to enjoy family time and a much needed rest. I hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday full of wonderful memories to keep!

Bel x

I heart Christmas because

There are so many reasons why I love Christmas.  But one of the biggest is our annual Christmas party with our group of friends.  It started a few years back (you know, when we all started having kids and Christmas became less about us) by booking out the local Bowls Club.  It’s seriously the perfect venue, in the middle of nowhere, all to ourselves, where the kids can roam free and we can feel at ease knowing they can’t destroy anything!!

The afternoon is always filled with bare foot bowls, and this year, we hired a jumping castle to keep the kids occupied too.  Food and desert is plentiful, drinks are had, lots laughter and of course a visit from the jolly man himself!  We spent the whole afternoon together, care-free and enjoying each others company.  But best of all, is the feeling of family amongst us and the shrieks of delight that come from the kids.

A few images of our wonderful day!









_DSC0165Apart from Christmas Day itself, do you have a favorite moment leading up to the big day?

Bel x

Summer and looking forward

There are things that I am looking forward to, some may never happen, others may.  Summer always seems to bring on thoughts of wanting and needing and of day dreams.  What are you looking forward to?


These are some of mine….

  • Christmas Holidays, my favorite time of the year.  Six uninterrupted weeks off work, bliss!  Heading away camping with my family and our ‘people’ is always a highlight of any year.
  • Christmas Eve – it’s party time for Hubby’s birthday, but this year I have other things in store.  The kids are now that bit older and get the whole Christmas thing, so I have some wicked little plans spinning around in my head.  I just hope I get the time to pull it all off.
  • Things being more about me than others.  It’s time that I start taking care of myself a bit more, listening to my body, my heart and soul and enriching all these things.  Selfish?  Maybe, but you know what, it’s my time.
  • Lazy mornings and breakfast dates.
  • Ice-creams and icey-poles, keep ’em coming this summer!
  • Creating our new playroom and study space.  The trip to Ikea is over (and yes, I was traumatized somewhat from our excursion there), now I’m awaiting the delivery and the putting together of stuff (which hopefully allows our marriage to survive).
  • Setting up the baby’s room, getting the car seat fitted and buying ‘stuff’.  I love all this preparation business.
  • Being a Mum!!  I’m looking forward to the few weeks after I finish work, just Phoebe and I (well, while she isn’t at Kinder anyway).  And then having the year off to be a stay at home mum.  And yes, I do remember that the first year isn’t always roses, but this being my last but and that I know a lot more than I previously did, I’m going to enjoy every minute.
  • Fighting about and finally narrowing the list of baby names down.  This is always a bit of fun (probably more so for Hubby who always seems to end up in stitches of laughter when I suggest certain names).
  • Nesting, who doesn’t love a clean, spick and span house?
  • Visiting the Day Spa, Mum got me a pregnancy massage that I am waiting to use on one of the days Phoebe is at Kinder.
  • Reading a couple of books before Bubba V arrives, coz I know when he/she does there will be little time for that.
  • Once Bubba V is here, getting out and about for some nice, long walks and building my fitness level.
  • Making new friends and continuing to put myself out there.  I’m feeling brave, I’m feeling inspired and excited.
  • And in general, spending time with Phoebe and Hubby, and with people who I really want to spend time with.

So c’mon, tell me, what are you looking forward to?

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 27 weeks

I have a slight problem this week, the playroom is almost done and everything has been moved in, it’s seriously looking awesome (so that is obviously NOT the problem). But when I moved my computer in a couple of days ago, my wireless doesn’t seem to be strong enough and every time I open the Internet and go to click on something it freezes! So I’m left with a dilemma, how to take photos and edit them, as well as how to Blog without moving the computer again!

Blogging from my phone can be difficult and very frustrating but that is what I’m doing right now, whilst sitting in a waiting room during my glucose test. I’m blogging here mainly to keep my mind off how I’ll I’m feeling right now, how I feel hot and bloated and the need to vomit keeps washing over me. I hope it’ll be over soon, I haven’t looked at the clock, I’m too scared.

This week has been my second last week before holidays begin and it has been a busy one! And because of this, almost everything on my to do list for work is still there!! I still have to pack my belongings and tie up loose ends, so that will be my last week.

My body coped well for a few days after seeing the Osteo and wearing the support belt. But early in the week, the pain came back with vengeance. Weekly visits to the Osteo and taking it easy should see me through, let’s hope so anyway, or else I may be looking at crutches and finishing work much earlier than expected.

Bubba V is on the move constantly now, which I love, and Hubby finally felt movement yay! Bubs doesn’t seem to like the belt and often kicks me right where it sits. Phoebe loves watching the movements, it’s like a game!

I’m really craving holidays, being away with family and friends, enjoying nothingness and resting. I hope you are all traveling along well x

Bel x

It’s beginning to look a look like Christmas

On the 1st of December every year, we go to the local Christmas tree farm and source our tree.  We search is a thorough one, with the right height, the right shape and density.  We have been getting a real tree for about four years now, and out of those four years, only one of them it hasn’t been raining!  This year was no different, the day had been warm and humid, but as we waited for Hubby to get home from work, the dark storm clouds began to roll in, dark in the fact that it turned day into night.  Within mintues of beginning to wander down the ailses of trees (which of course were further from the main building than usual this year), lightning began illuminating the dark sky followed by loud claps of thunder and rain.

Christmas tree wm

Needless to say, like most children, Phoebe is scared to the bones just at the mention of lightning or thunder, let alone the sound!  Hysterical crying ensued (I’m sure people thought we were using our little saw on her and not the tree), all the while I’m trying to document the event like I do every year.  Needless to say this year, there wasn’t the normal abundance of photos to choose from, nor the time to get all artistic and creative like.

Christmas tree wm-4

Christmas tree wm-2

Despite the rain, thunder and lightning, us all looking like drowned rats and me nearly slipping over numerous times in my trusty thongs (then having to traipse through mud bare footed), we got our tree and let me just say she’s a winner!  I think she is by far the best tree we have picked yet.

Christmas tree wm-3

Christmas tree wm-5

Christmas tree wm-6

We danced around to Christmas carols while Phoebe and I decorated the tree and Hubby did the lights outside.  I sipped on my new drink of the season (which is an alcohol removed wine) out of my wine glass and pretended that it was real.  Then we stood back and admired our handy work and placed all of our beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Christmas tree wm-7

So tell me, real or fake tree?  And do you have any traditions when putting yours up?

Bel x

Twelve from Twelve (with my first ever Linky!)

In two days time it will be the 12th, of the 12th, 2012.  I thought what better way to celebrate, than choose twelve photographs from each month of the year as an overview.  It was pretty easy to do because of my awesome filing system which I talked about here, make sure if you haven’t read it, you do before the new year begins.  Anyways, here is my twelve, picked because they showed an important event or an image that I just loved!

first half of year low quality

January – we see the rest of our holidays out camping in a coastal town.  Every morning I would wake to this sight and every night, the lighthouse would shine down on us.  This is one of our favorite times of year.

February – my ‘baby’ started 3 year old Kinder.  My concerns about how she would go were completely unfounded and she loved every minute of it.  She has thrived throughout the year and has enjoyed every day she has been.

March – we got married!!  After twelve years together, we finally tied the knot.  We also ‘married’ Phoebe and had what was the best day with family and friends that we could have hoped for.  The day was laid back, and very much us.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

April – Easter time and another great camping trip with friends.  This year Phoebe was much more accepting of the Easter Bunny and posed willingly for a photo.

May and June (these two photos are around the wrong way for some reason and wouldn’t go back grrrr) – So the REAL May saw us head off on our familymoon to Hamilton Island, the perfect escape for our little family!  The most memorable was our helicopter flight, such a wonderful experience and one we will never forget.

And the real June saw us visiting friends on our non-Kinder days.  Exploring, collecting and playing outdoors in the rain.

second six months low quality

July – realizing how long my girls hair actually was, beautiful but so very very long.  I just love this image, so simplistic.

August – after realizing how long Phoebe’s hair really was, it was off for her first hair cut at nearly age four!  Such a big milestone for any little person (or their parents).

September – beach time.  Heading to our caravan down the coast in the dead of winter is one of our favorite things to do.  The area is quitter than it normally is.  We listen to the sound of crashing waves at night and gum nuts falling on the annex roof.  We head off on walks along the beach, explore the rock pools and recharge our batteries.

October – visits to Pa’s house are few times a year due to distance and our busy calendars.  But when we are there we love to soak up the surrounds and Phoebe enjoys every minute she can get of Pa’s attention.  I love the quietness here, the bush surrounds and the way the sunlight falls between the trees in the afternoon.

November – my belly is coming along well.  Despite many things going on that didn’t occur when pregnant with Phoebe, I’m still loving every minute of it.  I could spend hours just sitting and feeling/watching bubs move.  Preparation is well in swing now making space for our new little family member.

December – the crazy, busy time of year however the one I love the most.  It all begins on the first with us finding our Christmas tree.  This one involved thunder, lightning and rain, but all in all another memorable experience.

How about you share with me your twelve from twelve now?  I’d love to see what your year was all about in picture form.  You don’t have to do a photo from each month, you could just choose twelve that best show your year, or twelve of your favourites!  I can’t wait to pop over and visit to see what you have been up to!  Make sure you link back to A Mums Reality so your friends can join in too.  Linky is open now and will remain open until the 13th of December. Click the link below to join in ….


Bel x

What I’m reading in Blogland (2)




Every week, I’m going to start sharing with you one blog that is in my Google Reader at the moment.  I read loads of different types of blogs, all for different reasons.  I’m forever refreshing it and updating it, in with the old and out with the new.  I’ll work my way through, in no particular order, probably the ones that have appealed to me most in the last few weeks.


I hope that you’ll visit and find new reads along the way too.  Feel free to share with me some of your favorites, I’m always on the lookout for new reads!

I initially came across Kelle’s blog when I was trying to organize Phoebe’s tea party birthday.  The minute I landed on her page, I knew that it was all kinds of special.  If you visit, head straight over to “Start here if you are new” tab and then the “About this blog” tab.  And the tea-party that I did find on her blog was nothing short of beautiful and inspiring.  Since that day, I have been an avid reader of her blog!

Not only will you find one amazing story of love, strength and moving forward as a family which you just have to read (it will have you reaching for the tissues, so be warned), but you will also find a beautiful blog full of inspiration, lovely photographs and some amazing products.  I myself, have been greatly inspired by Kelle and the things she creates and does with her daughters.  Watch out Christmas, lots of new ideas have come from here!  I love everything about visiting her little space, the words she uses and the way she rights, the passion she converys for life, her family and her children.

I was also so darn excited the other week when Kelle herself responded in tweet form to a conversation I was involved in about her inspiring us, eeeeek!

What are you reading this week?

Bel x

Self Portrait Maternity – 26 weeks

When I was pregnant with Phoebe I worked two weeks up until my due date and was planning on doing the same with this little one.  At the moment I’m just thanking my lucky stars that I have holidays in two weeks time for six weeks and that I can really rest.  After that, I’ll reassess everything and may have to re-do the budget a little and finish work much earlier than I had hoped.  In any case, I’m still trying to enjoy being pregnant but realise that unlike my first pregnancy, my body is already screaming out to me to  slow down.

This week has been hard, like really bloody hard. My body has started to scream at me “that’s enough”. My pelvis is well and truly screwed, almost word verbatim of my Osteo (I use the term almost loosley). I spent the wee hours of Sunday morning having a cry in bed, and no, it didn’t seem to help the pain but sometimes all that’s needed is a good bloody cry!


I spent Monday and Tuesday at work, waddling around like a wounded penguin. All the while, I couldn’t get out of any chair quicker than an old lady! Tuesday night I finally met with my Osteo who was a little shocked at my rapid decline and it was decided that I would finally start wearing a support belt. Already it is helping me to move around alot freer and with much less pain, but to say I’m fixed would be a great understatement. I know that the next fourteen weeks I will be spending some time on Struggle Street.


I’m trying to stick to a routine with the washing and housework, so that when I come home from work I can slump down on my bed for an hour of so and let my sore body rest guilt free.  Sorry for all the doom and gloom, I’m not normally one to focus on the negative, but hell, I’m just so sore it’s a bit too hard to ignore!

Bel x